How I FINALLY got a new washing machine

Last week was seriously long. The week that would not end full of mess really. We got a bs offer on the house spent the better part of the week tap dancing for a guy who simply could not afford the house and thought he could bully us into a deal. Jack ate a rubber lizard and then passed it a day later. I felt like shit on stick. Craig was crazy busy at work. We are still getting EJ adjusted to that of the preschool world and the list goes on. By Friday night we were exhausted, emotionally and physically.

Saturday brought a high like none other with the discovery of a long awaited pink bundle of joy. EJ’s first T-ball game that he was so great in that he was awarded the game ball. We floated through the day happy and really felt the same way Sunday. A typical Sunday for us includes church and lunch out and then rest time for everyone. Momma’s rest is usually spent doing a lot of laundry to get us ready for the week. This week was no different until I walked into the laundry room which is off our garage to find a nasty little creature waiting  for me in the machine.

Yes, you read that right an opossum was sleeping in my washing machine on top of towels that I was about to run. I never screamed, ran so fast in my life. Craig goes to see if I was seeing things gets hissed at and we then do what anyone does… immediately call our parents who thought it was hysterical. We discover that Atlanta is full of a bunch of jerks and has no animal control for wild animals. We can either hire a private critter person for a couple 100  bucks and wait a day (it was Sunday in the bible belt) or get it out ourselves. Craig gets some of poor unsuspecting friends to come over and they drag the machine to end of drive way dump it over and spray water on the horrid little creature until if finally gives up and runs away.

I can not even tell you the odor that was my washing machine once it was returned to it usual spot. DISGUSTING. Of course I had googled the little creature and was so grossed out to find that these things carried an array of diseases and PARASITES. So I gaged a few times discussed poring bleach in it for the night for a week and ultimately begged my husband to agree to just spending the money to replace it. If it had been just us, I would have cleaned it and taken our chances but considering the 2 almost 3 kiddos whose clothes graced that machine I just couldn’t do it.  Craig is saint and totally agreed and we went straight to Home Depot were got terrible service and ultimately bought the same machine we tried to buy there online for a fraction of price with free delivery.  And today  the heavens parted as I entered laundry nirvana…

Please note the glass top so I never have to worry about what I might find under the lid. And yes, I know everyone loves the front loaders but I do not. I have had some experience with them I specifically asked to NOT get them. These babies hopefully will see us through a lot of laundry.


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