Mini Craig

Guess who my Daddy is?

Little EJ is a mini version of Craig, its absolutely unreal how much he looks like his father. He even inherited Craig’s absurdly large big toe. If he hadn’t resided in me for 9 months I might wonder but he makes my faces and may get my eye color. Regardless who he looks like he is amazingly handsome. Maybe if we have a little girl next she will look just like me?


Our Vol Baby

In honor of the first official day of practice I thought I would post a pic of our Vol baby! We can’t wait to take him to games and show him how great UT and SEC football really is.

Blackberry Farms

Craig, EJ and I took our first family trip this weekend and went to Walland, TN to Blackberry Farms to celebrate EJ’s Great Grandparent Pate’s 61st wedding anniversary. It was a special weekend for the Pate family because it was everyone’s first time to meet little EJ especially for JimJim because EJ is named after him. It was a great weekend where we all relaxed, ate amazing food, and enjoyed each other’s company. EJ also took his first dip in the pool, it was a little chilly for his taste but he loved getting to lay in the sun some. EJ also got to meet 3 of Mommy’s best friends, Aunt Laura, Aunt Genie and Aunt Lindsey. They all live in Knoxville and took some time on their Saturday to drive out to us to meet the man. All and all it was great weekend.