Preparing for another sweet boy

After much debate I decided that each of my boys will get their own “Coming Home” outfit. I opted to get EJ his own outfit instead of using mine because it has a lot of lace on it. In the South, we tend to save important occasion outfits and pass them down through generations. I have friend’s that have multigenerational Christening gowns, with each new addition another set if initials is embroidered in it and it is truly a family heirloom. My husband is not Southern and really doesn’t get things like day gowns and traditions. But he handles it well. Because I am well aware that sharing important things among cousins can get complicated and may not work. I decided that each child will get their own outfit and they will be able to pass it down to their family. EJ has sweet day gown with a sailboat on it, much more simple since I was weening my husband into my Southern ways. I found this sweet number at a consignment store still with the original tags and grabbed it. It is so sweet and I can not wait to put our baby in it and bring him to his family. And this time, I will get to go to my own house with my things and we will have proper celebration because the day you bring your baby home should be celebrated!

My parents got me the best christmas present! I am way too cheap to purchase all the appliqued and monogramed stuff I want. It is hard to justify the cost when really it is a cloth that gets thrown-up on. But now I can do it myself! No more 35 dollar tshirts just to get a monogramed one. I have been practicing on burp clothes because it does take some practive to get it right. These are some of my first attempts. Sweet little Jack and EJ will have thier name on everything. And Lord help me if a girl ever joins our house. The things that I am learning to make are just too much. Until then Lord help all of my friend’s with girls cause Aunt LA is showering them with goodies.