Phase 2

Apparently I lost my mind. Two small kids and agreeing to do a Kitchen renovation is a not something a sane person agrees to, right? I’m not totally crazy its just a few quick fixes and the contractor promised a week. Which we all know in that really means two but I thought we could handle it. I might have been wrong. Good thing it looks AMAZING so I just focus on that. Because in reality we have stuff everywhere and the odor of paint even with windows open and fans going is a headache waiting to happen. But if you want a good laugh check out the state of my house at the moment.

Hopefully in a few days I can share the finished product! We did have pretty good timing because this weekend is Scotts Antique market. I fully intend on spending my entire Mothers Morning Out free time on Friday there looking for stuff to finish off the space!!!

Day one: half the granite comes off to build a proper breakfast bar and add beadboard. 
Meanwhile the rest of the house looks like this…

Yes, that is a coffee station set. We must start the day with coffee. I really am not even human until coffee happens. 
It also didn’t occur to me that this also means no place to sit and eat. I thought I was so clever planing us a week of Crockpot meals. But I didn’t really think ahead to where the meal would happen and lets just say a 2 year old and food at the coffee table is one  BIG MESS! 
What you don’t line your floor with spices and cooking oils?
Yet another purpose for the bassinet house china. 
Day 2 & 3: Bring on the paint and headache.
It is already SO much brighter. 
I can not even explain to you how excited I am to have a legit eat in bar.