Wow babies need LOTS of stuff!

Since a number of you have asked… Yes, we are registered. Thanks to a few quality hours with a scanner Craig and I picked out a lot stuff for our little man at Babies R Us that we were told we must have. Personally, I am having a minor panic attack about the massive amount of stuff that we need to acquire in the next 2 months… where are we going to put all this stuff??? My nesting must be setting in because I spent the morning cleaning out a second closest for us to store all EJ’s stuff.  

PS… this is not a shameless attempt for gifts just an FYI for those who want to know.  
Here’s the link to our very overwhelming registry of things 

Nursery in Progress

Bright Blue, Chocolate Brown and Elephants 
After looking around at some of the nursery bedding around Craig and I decided to theme EJ’s first bedroom with elephants. Our little “wee publican” is getting gifted some of his parents Capital Hill memorabilia which is only fitting because he just may be a 4th of July baby!
The bumper is going to be red and white seer sucker with blue elephants embroider on it. 

It’s still a work in progress but here’s the start, we will update as new things are added. 


Today,  Craig and I got to have a little glimpse of little EJ with a 3d ultrasound. Of course, he did what he wanted which was sleeping at the time and spent most of the session with his face pushed up against my uterus and his hand over his face sucking his thumb. But, we were able to get a few good shots and it appears he will have chubby cheeks, a button nose and there even looks like there may be some hair on the way. 

We were given a DVD of the entire season which is too cute, he even sticks his tongue out at us at one pt. This was quite an exciting evening getting to know him a little more and I can honestly say we just can’t wait to meet him. Enjoy!! 

7 1/2 months

I don’t really understand the weekly belly shots, do you really wants to see my ever growing body? Trust me, I barely recognize it sometimes. But since many of you have no idea what preggers LA looks here you go, I promise I am not as cute as everyone is sure I am. 

Happy Wedding Mrs. Raby, aka Lindsey Barnes, all the Memphis ladies are officially married and 1/2 of us are pregnant. I feel like it was just yesterday we were all going through first loves, first dates and the biggest thing on our mind were things like prom. When did we all grow up? Mary Jo & Matt Green are due in August and Laura and Dave Mann are due in September. It’s been really fun to all go through this together and this first time mom appreciates the advice on my rapidly changing body from the ole pros. 

Guess what your pregnant & IT’S A BOY!

February 12, 2009 was an eventful day for the Holman household, not only did we discover that we were 5 months and 1 day pregnant but learned he was a beautiful baby boy! I know 5 months seems pretty far into it to discover a pregnancy but this little boy laid really low. Besides a lack of energy and moodiness this first time mom was clueless.

After the emotional ultrasound, Craig and I decided to name our baby boy after his father and my grandfather, Edwin James. The family loved the name and the general feeling was that he should be called EJ. We shall see if it sticks, if he is anything like his mother he will let everyone know what he wants to be called.