What? It means “I love you” in dinosaur. And this is something EJ has taking a liken to. All day, everyday.
At a play date earlier this week, EJ bogarted the playhouse and held the door closed. 2 little girls really wanted in and politely knocked repeatedly. EJ responded with opening the door slightly and “RAWR” over and over again.
He also loves to wait until Jack falls asleep in the car and then scream “JACKSON” at the top of his lungs followed by a RAWR. Seriously its ridiculous. This is a result of the RAWR.

Instead of playing dolls. I play trucks and repeat “please don’t rawr at mommy” and “please don’t tackle mommy”. Ahh the life of a boy mom and its only just begun. I have two of them and judging from Jack making every other baby at the play date cry by just talking to them my kids are going to have similar personalities. Its a good thing they are adorable because I am going to have a head full of greys by the time we get to high school graduation.


A photo dump

Because these photos are just too darn cute not to share…
Oh the eyes on my two boys. They make me swoon. 
I love this photo. So their personalities. EJ cutting up and Jack just chillin. 
I love how Jack is like “really Bro what are doing?”

He will hate me one day for taking this picture. Warning little boy if Momma doesn’t approve of a girl you bring home rest assured this picture will be brought out in hopes that your too embarrassed to ever call her again.

He got a big boy hair cut it makes me sad. He looks so old and sort of like dennis the menace ironically he acts like him too! 
This little boy is soooo happy.all.the.time. Well unless he’s hungry but who came blame him. 
He is also growing up way too fast! 
Bruno and EJ are trouble all the time and always together. Its rather adorable. 

See the face. DENNIS THE MENACE I tell ya. 
They love each other. 

The boys

Watching the bond form between the two boys may be my favorite aspect of having another child. Jack loves to watch EJ and much like his brother he is in a big ol hurry to grow up. At 11 weeks old he tries to sit up and quite frankly is better at exercising his core than I am. He wants to roll over so bad and boy does he get mad when he gets stuck on his side. EJ is dying for him to play with him and requests that Jack “sit” with him about a million times a day.

 I have a feeling I am going to get lots of this look from both them in the coming years. 

 Inside joke 
Jack siting in his chair at the toddler table. EJ can’t wait for them to eat lunch together.   
EJ loves to kiss his brother. I am going to remind him of this when they get in to fights in the coming years. 

The hilarity of potty training

Potty Training is an interesting parental right of passage. As an adult you have condition yourself to not speak of the things that occur in the bathroom as it is consider in poor taste. Potty mouth is a common referral for someone who uses bad language so it becomes quite a change of pace to eat, sleep and breathe pee and poop.
EJ has always been a bit ahead of the curve. He is the typical first born with quite the independent streak that has spent the majority of his life in cloth diapers. I am pretty sure the cloth not only helped greatly with rash issues but also taught him early on what it felt like to be wet. Needless to say we hit 18 months and he started show interest in the potty. After some research I decided that for a boy he was most likely a bit young to head down that road but I went ahead and got a potty and basically just let it hang out in the bathroom.
When he wanted we let him sit on it we let him and thus began the constant dialogue of bathroom talk. Around 23 months he went full force into training. I totally let him take the lead and we were there for pee almost immediately. I knew that if I just pulled the pull-ups and left him big boy under ware we get there in a few days. My kid is smart and would ask for a pull-up to poop. But, with Jack arriving in less than a month I decided to wait. The likelihood of a regression was high and who needs that stress with a newborn, not me that is for sure.  
He did just as I expected and totally regressed about a week before Jack entered the world and I just left it. I have enough to deal with, we will revisit this fall. Well EJ had other plans and woke up one day this week and refused his pull-ups only wants his Cars under ware which he wears BACKWARDS so he can see the car. So here I am in the throws of potty training with a newborn. God sure does have a sense of humor. 
And this my friends was the result of timeout in his room for acting out while I was nursing Jack… 

You guessed it… that is poop everywhere. Thank goodness for hard wood floors. If that I had been carpet I might have had a meltdown.

He was pretty happy with the result, a mid-day bath. Its a good thing this kid is so darn cute.
Wish us luck… Potty or Bust!

Boy Momma

Source: etsy.com via LA on Pinterest

This is me, at least for now. I pray that one day we add some pink to our world but for now I find hot wheels in my make-up bag and trucks in bed. I bathe off dirt and stickiness many times a day. My son literally growls at me and runs away laughing. The movie Cars is shown on repeat here and I laugh to myself as I watch my boy and his father wrestle on the floor every night imagining to myself the picture that it will soon be with 2 little boys loving on their daddy that way. I believe strongly in that boys are boys and that their heart is different from start. I know that even though Momma wants to stop every fall and comfort every hurt that they have the need to explore and see the world in a way that I may never fully understand.

I love some of things I have found lately via Pineterest (move over facebook this now the world’s greatest time suck) and thought I would share it with you. If you are a boy momma you will most likely be able to relate to these things just as much as me.

Preggo Rant

This morning we overslept. Maybe it was because this has been an emotionally draining week. Maybe it was because for the first night in weeks I fell asleep fast and stayed that way all night or maybe we are just that exhausted. Whatever the reason we both missed all the queues to get up and I rolled over at 8:20 to realize that we needed to move.

Fridays are a school day and that means before 9am I am supposed to get us all up, dressed, fed and lunches packed. Not a huge deal but if I was going to do it all in the next 30 minutes I needed to work. I managed my time things got done and as I started to get EJ dressed I noticed that instead of eating all his oatmeal he decided to use it as hair gel. Yep, sticky nasty oatmeal in the hair on day that I did not have time to deal with it. I just stared as he laughed and had a very hormonally charged moment where I almost cried and I said to myself this is why I need a girl in this house.

My husband is all man. We have 2 male dogs. And to round it out we make male children. Everything is sticky here and my husband insists that we decorate with fish. I live in a man cave with more testosterone then I even know what to do with. I am forbidden to have anything girly and lets just say I am over it. I like polka dots and Craig swears that they are girly like lost his cookies with me in the middle of Target because I wanted to get EJ polka dot sheets. I was nice and got trucks but guess what too bad for Jackson. I found some crib sheets that I liked and polka dot or not I bought them.

Baby #3 is getting frills and lace and vintage whether it is a girl or boy and my husband can get over it. I love my little men but this girly girl is drowning in sea of masculinity and I need some reinforcements.

A letter to my son

Dear Baby Boy,

I know that your little month was mean and waited 11 whole months to start pushing teeth through. I know cutting 4 and 5 teeth at time is terrible pain. Trust me your Momma aches for you and would stop the pain if I could. Instead, I promise to keep the Motrin and cold foods to gnaw on flowing. In return could you do me a favor?


I am sick you smelling like vomit, cleaning it up off you and the floor. I am sick of feeling like a mom fail when you do it in public. Besides, its gross especially when you try to play in said vomit. Future girlfriends will laugh and you will be very embarrassed when these stories are told, trust me.

All my love,
Your Momma

Wild Man

At least once a day I find myself saying “hey wild man calm down”. EJ is a ball of energy, keeping me on my toes. I have to watch out for sudden moments of quiet because they are usually followed by a crash or the pounding of baby feet “running” as he tries to get away from me with something he is not suppose to have. This is one day’s  worth of trouble making…

Isn’t he adorable?