Birthday week begins!

My baby turns 2 this week. TWO!

My head explodes when I think of this time just a few short years ago. I laugh to myself thinking how the last thing I thought I would be at this time is 34 weeks pregnant again with another little boy. Yeah right. I am pretty sure I claimed our 2nd child was 4 years away. Funny what a difference a few years can make.

I have foot and mouth disease so really I just need to learn to shut up.

But Craig couldn’t take it anymore and we went ahead and gave EJ his big present yesterday. Needless to say I think it was a big hit.

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Seriously where has the time gone? Today, I awoke to a knock on the door and a faint “Momma”  Yes, our little boy not only sleeps soundly in a full size bed he now has figured out how to get himself out of bed, open his door and go get his parents. He is such a big boy and it is so hard for me to believe that this was him this time last year.

Now he looks like this… 

When did he grow up and how do I make it stop?

Wild Man

At least once a day I find myself saying “hey wild man calm down”. EJ is a ball of energy, keeping me on my toes. I have to watch out for sudden moments of quiet because they are usually followed by a crash or the pounding of baby feet “running” as he tries to get away from me with something he is not suppose to have. This is one day’s  worth of trouble making…

Isn’t he adorable?

Momma help please

::I know, its been way too long since my last post. Please don’t quit reading. I am back, promise!::

I am sitting on the fence of diapers?

I am frugal, OK lets face it I am cheap. I will drive to 5 different stores to find the best price and I love the dollar store. The fact that cloth diapering is suppose to save you thousands makes me think that I need to do it…. like today.

Have I mentioned that we live our weeks fighting diaper rash. EJ’s bum is so sensitive. My heart breaks  into tiny little pieces when I change his diaper and he screams the whole time because it hurts. I will handle poop for him and that cute tush to be rash free. Plus, we are on baby one so this could be an investment for a couple more… (::yes hubs I said couple::). 

But I am completely overwhelmed, I look at blogs and read reviews but dear lord there are so many brands and types. All I know is that the covers are damn cute! That is almost enough for me take the plunge. Cute is always a win in my book, always.

So this is where you as my readers come in. Do you cloth diaper? Do you love it or hate it? What’s your brand of choice and your number one tip. Please help, pretty please with a big ol’ cherry on top!

A birthday twist.

Somewhere around my 5th month of pregnancy I was shopping for some new and bigger clothes.This preggo was A. very against all the maternity clothes I had seen so far, I was weird I thought they looked frumpy and I didn’t want to wear them. B. I was hardly showing my stomach was basically a hard knot thanks to only being up 7 lbs (don’t hate me I made up for later) and C. really hormonal… shopping with me was blast. I either cried or stormed out of the store mad.

Since I was just buying bigger clothes in the department store, I had to inform my sales lady that I was in fact, pregnant.  This woman was awesome,  helped me find clothes and was definitely a mom. She knew the hormones. She had felt the unbalance. She didn’t tell me that the maternity section was elsewhere, instead she helped me get some staples to get through the next few months.  And she did what any person does when faced with a pregnant lady… she let me know her thoughts on labor & delivery.

Sales Lady- “You will never feel the same way about your birthday”

Me- ::Blank stare:: “Huh?”

Sales Lady- “Just wait, you will see”

Me- “Uh Ok”

Fast forward 4 months this was me…

Forced to lay on my side with one leg in the air (babe wouldn’t move down) and pumped so full of drugs that one side of my body was numb. I am not complaining, I had back labor… all back and numb was way better than the other. People were coming and going and sticking their hands up me. My water broke in a few huge gushes that conveniently waited until the nurse had cleaned me and everything up and then did it again. Then it was go time and my mom was right there pushing my back up so all my energy was centered around pushing all 8 lbs of EJ out.

This year I spent my birthday thinking of my mom and what this day means to her, her memories not mine. How 28 years ago she woke up and went the hospital and labored and then delivered me. How I tore her so bad she was in the hospital for a week. May 19 is my Mom’s day, not mine.

How thankful am I for her, she gave me life and then she helped me give my son life. What a sweet moment that was. Much sweeter than my poor husband’s moment… holding my leg seeing a scene that I would have rather him not. Things just aren’t pretty down there when babies come out. He is still getting over it 10 months later.

EJ’s New Trick

After doing this for an hour straight the other day I had enough and went to the store to buy this…

Which of course caused some of this….
But I got to drink coffee in peace and wasn’t forced to chase him anymore. 
Mommy 1 EJ 0
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And he’s a hot mess

My 10 month old refuses to be my baby. Mr. Independence has decided that he is a toddler and teeth or not to leave him alone thankyouverymuch. Sad day for me =)  Here are some of the latest pics of our little mess.

all done.
 Got daddys hat and a basket. 
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getting into everything…

New Mom lesson never leave the dishwasher open, he can hear me open it and comes running. 
Or the pantry door 
Peak A Boo 
I can close doors now watch out…
For your laughing pleasure Craig broke the banister, like pulled out of the wall when EJ slipped away crawled up the stairs and locked himself in our room in the amount of time it took me to take the trash out. The banister died when we were running around our house looking for him. 
We are in for it. 

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Holy Drool

Have I told you that if EJ’s teeth do not come in ASAP I swear I am going to pull them down myself. We have been teething since he was 4 months think drool factory and random spurts of fussiness that send me running to A. the baby tylenol or B. the liquor cabinet… God bless a pacifier dunked in Jack.

We do find moments of humor in the midst of teething hell, like when my mom let him nom a lemon slice, he LOVED it ( it must be genetic, his great g’dad who he is named after would suck on lemons all day if it didn’t destroy his teeth). Then all the sudden there was this look of shock and a scream and he launched the lemon slice across the room. Poor guy has a tooth trying to break through and the lemon burned it. I know I shouldn’t find humor in pain but he got over it so fast that we laughed. 

At 9 months, we still do not have a single tooth. Not a one. Are you serious? His gums are so hard that he can eat table food with ease, he even ate an apple slice. Poor guy is miserable and we have hit rock bottom this last week. He yells all day every day, he clings to me and the drool soaks everyone who touches him. When I ask our doc about it at the last appointment, he paused, thought a moment and then smiled… I wanted to smack that smile right off his face…” LA, I have never had a child without teeth. They will come in.”

Keep smilling buddy and why don’t you come home with me and help me soothe our poor miserable baby.

Mommy my mouth hurts!
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