What I’m loving these days…

I have expensive taste. I blame my mother and grandmother who taught me early on the value of beautiful clothes, shoes and generally everything. If given a choice of 3 items without the price listed inevitably I will want the most expensive item. It’s a curse and blessing. I have good taste but I always have running list of things I’m loving. But really who doesn’t wish they had the ability to buy whatever, whenever they wanted? Unless your a member of the Trump family it’s not reality and that’s OK. I am blessed beyond measure but if I go on a spending spree here are some of my recent HOT items.

Jack and any future baby H needs this don’t they??
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Confession, I love just about anything Restoration Hardware. Clean, simple and classy. If I ever get a little girl she will sleep in the Iron Restoration Hardware crib. Overpriced or not its beautiful! 
My swollen preggo feet needs these don’t you think?
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While we are showing off all that is Tori Burch. This bag is pretty spectacular don’t you think? I see it being a perfect poolside addition.

I do love a good bag, I am a self proclaimed bag whore. Doesn’t this look like the perfect addition to freshly baked baby? Ah Petunia Pickle Bottom you get it right every.single.time.

And who doesn’t need a camera strap? I am Mom, therefor my camera is always by side and since the Husband hooked up my obsession with picture taking with an awesome setup. It only makes sense that I add a beautiful strap right? 
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Yep one word sums all this up it up
:: SWOON ::