Brain Dump

I have stop and started writing updates more times than I can count. Sometimes I probably put too much pressure on myself to make words flow and sound amazing. But this is my place and if their are typos and such… really who cares.

I’m almost 16 weeks. Yikes. I can not even wrap my brain around it. It will be d day before I know it. Sometimes I forget I am pregnant which is weird. With EJ once we knew it was all I thought about and Jack made me want to die every day so yeah no way to forget why. I am showing differently this time more wide and less round bump right in the middle. It’s easier to hide. In a lot of clothes I look fat not pregnant. I can’t decide if I like or not. It doesn’t matter eventually it will be obvious.

EJ is loving school, loving. He started and bam grown-up kid. I had to walk him to his classroom today because I had a room parent meeting and you would thought I was killing him. “Mom, I want to do the carpet line (he refuses to call it a carpool line)” “Mom, don’t hold my hand. I know where to go.” Basically told me to go away. Seriously, he’s three.

And the room parent thing. Jesus. I may have over achieved too much this time. I walked into our meeting to an agenda and talks of bringing my family silver pattern to decorate my room’s table for the Mom’s fashion show. Awesome.

I have a bladder/kidney infection again. Manage to catch it in time to avoid spending a week in the hospital on a morphine drip but it hasn’t been fun. Being Mom and being sick sucks because quite frankly no one cares. Needless to say I have been sucking down water and crashing early each and every night.

We got an offer on the house. It was joke, they should feel lucky that even bothered to counter. And then they spent 2 hours pretending to be inspectors and countered again with the same offer. We want to sell but that is rude and ridiculous. When the realtor is saying they are whistling dixie you know your feelings are acceptable. We countered back our original offer told them to take it or leave it. They aren’t our buyers. I was really hopeful they were. We are so ready to close this chapter and start a new one but we do have standards.

Oh and our perfect child that never causes problems is now biting. The tables have turned, EJ got a glowing weekly report and Jack got the pink slip. I suppose it will always be like this. I guess I better hang on.


A Fall Plan

This morning I loaded the boys into car bright and early to head to our local doughnut shop. Some old friends were in town visiting and we just couldn’t bid them farewell without sharing a little Sublime doughnuts. As soon as the garage door opened I noticed a familiar scent and chill floating through the air. Fall is on its way. We aren’t there yet but its brewing and starting remind us that she is indeed headed our way.

I love the change of seasons. Just when you have your fill of heat or cold suddenly the hint of a new beginning starts to show. This fall marks the graduation from Mother’s Day Out to Preschool for EJ. He has an actual curriculum and will be exposed to much more than the structured play of the past. I could not be more excited for him. He is ready for the stimulation and as much as packing him a lunch daily and dropping in the carpool line makes me a little sad I know its time and he will love it.

This fall I have a bucket list for our family. With Craig in the midst of grad school and me pregnant, I know we have to be deliberate about our family time or just may pass us by. Too often we find ourselves slipping into the our own world on the weekend; napping, playing on the internet and not doing much of anything at all. There is a time for that but I know we want to make memories and always feel guilty when those weekends are happening all too often.

I ran across this on Pineterest and loved it. Its perfect way to guide our weekends this year and make sure that we have time to make some great memories as a family. We will also add going to the fair and going to a football game to the mix because you just can’t have fall with fairs and football.

On Holidays

Oh how I love the holiday season. It is the only time in the year I am willing to tolerate cold weather. There is just something magical about pumpkins, fires and christmas trees. I have wonderful memories of childhood christmas pasts. One’s filled with all my family, rooms full of people and laughter. Great times with cousins and siblings.

As I have moved past the childhood stage and into the adult stage of the holidays I see the stress. I see how easily the true meaning of the holidays can get lost in the shuffle. I have found myself trying to recreate the holidays of the past. I yearn to give my children similar memories. I so desperately want them to feel the love and magic that holidays can be. However, while cooking my first family thanksgiving this year it occurred to me that those are my memories, my childhood. The boys are making their own memories. These are the memories that they will hopefully look back on with love as the grow older and form families of their own.

We have worked hard to make our family our own. To set boundaries that works for us because this family that we made now is the most important. So as I go through this season and the years to come I am going to focus less on what I have always done and more on what is best for the boys. We may not have the family filled crazed celebrations but that does not mean that they won’t be just as memorable. Hosting Thanksgiving was truly wonderful moment. There was no loading up the car and driving into the wee hours of the morning. No shuffling through luggage, and running from house to house. Both of us commented on how much we loved having everyone over. It was a perfect thanksgiving and I hope in the years to come their are many more just like it.

What we have been up to…

There has been lots of sleeping from this little guy

And lots of eating

Some home improvements
New paint, new furniture arrangement

Does this pose look familiar? Must be genetic… my kids, they like to chill.

This little no BIG boy has been hilarious.
Please note the cap and stool… the rest of us were in seats. He claimed it and drug it over.

More home improvements. See ya later ugly wallpaper.
HELLO red walls underneath. It takes 2 coats of primer to cover that mess.

They love each other already. Best Friends in the making.

The Boy

Lately, this blog seems to be all about Momma being pregnant and little Jack’s impending arrival. While the new baby will surely bless this family in ways we can not even fathom we still have our first born. And boy is he growing up fast. Currently, we are potty training. Can you believe it? 22 months ago today I was at the hospital gearing up for him to join our family and today we talk, run, play and, well, potty train.

The last few weeks have been beautiful in the South. Yes, there have been some horrid storms and major destruction but the days that are pretty have been nothing short of beautiful. We have played outside for hours, headed to a strawberry patch to pick our own fresh berries and spent a wonderful family filled weekend in Memphis with family on the farm.

EJ is a farm boy, he loves not only the fire engine bed my mother has for him but the dirt, dogs, toys, tractors, and all other farm things. He is the happiest child in the world while there and melts down almost every time he is forced to the car to leave. I fully expect a day to come where he begs me to send him to his grandparents. And I am sure his grandparents will eagerly agree. He is truly the apple of both of their eyes.

Below is quite the picture explosion of the last few weeks.

A Lakehouse Reunion

This past weekend I packed one bag and slipped out the door all alone. I spent 3 hours in a quiet car and drove north to Knoxville, TN. For the past 11 years I have been escaping life for 2 days to sit in a room with dear friends and do nothing more than eat and talk. These women entered my life when we were just girls and through thick and thin have remained by my side through it all. We have watched each other fall in love and get married, held each other up through heartache and deaths of parents. It is amazing to me the relationship that I have with these women. In the last 3 years 5 lakehouse babies have been born and 4 more are due by the end of the summer.

Craig got EJ all to himself for 2 days and I was more than ready to get home to my boys. It is truly amazing how much I miss waking up next to my love and hearing my son asking for me to come get him. A lot has changed since those early days of our friendship but one thing is for sure… time and distance will never keep us from picking right back up where we left off. These friends are truly some of my best friends and I look forward to many more years of memories with them.

2010: A Recap

As we embark another year with all the hopes and anticipations of what this year will bring. I can’t help but reflect on the year we just left and all we have been through… the great, the good, the bad and the ugly.

We ushered in the New Year with a cousin reunion. A concert and football game back-to-back left us with a packed night but lots of fun memories.  A moment of uncertainty hit our little family as we experienced yet another job loss, but before we had time to fret too much life turned around and Craig landed a fantastic job with a company that he had been trying to get on with for years. Craig jumped on an airplane for man’s weekend of fishing while the boy and I spent a weekend snowed in to a lake house with my oldest and dearest friends. We baptised our babe and spent a crazy weekend alone. I got smart and regained control of my life and emotions by removing the IUD that had left me a fragment of myself. Nothing like a hormone induced crazy fest to make you value your sanity.
Spring arrived and EJ moved from crawling to walking and grew a full head of hair overnight. I finally got to use my wedding flutes as we toasted to us and our day.  We celebrated Mother’s Day rocking out to Zac Brown, I turned a year older and so did Craig.  Craig finally got his hearts desire in a fishing canoe and we spent a relaxing long weekend with a favorite couple that lives way too far away. We celebrated our boy and his first birthday and then celebrated the fact we made it through our first year as parents in one piece with night away and some Phish. We watched my brother get married to an old friend and ushered in the fall full of Rocky Top Pride. Craig put his nose to ground and prepared for the GMAT and EJ became a total toddler.
As the fall ended and holidays began we spent some quality time on my parents farm and ate ourselves into many a food coma. A plus sign left us full of excitement as we realised that 2011 would bring us a new addition. Craig interviewed and got accepted into UGA MBA program and after a whirlwind Christmas family tour we heard our sweet new baby’s heart beat for the first time, fast and perfect.
The year concluded with a night of friends and food. There is nothing quite as special is finding other couples like you to share your time with and celebrate together.  This little family of ours is truly blessed. I look to 2011 with hope and faith that through the good and the bad we will continue to grow and continue to love each other more with each new day.

Pumpkin Patch

The day begun with a slight chill in the air and seemed to be the first taste of fall. Ready to embrace this new season we made plans to head to the country and take EJ to a pumpkin patch. We dressed in anticipation of a cool day and lots of pictures. By the time we arrived at Southern Belle Farm the chill had faded to humidity but even in the heat we had a wonderful day. Craig put it perfectly when he said “That day was a great day” and a great day it was.