The boys

Watching the bond form between the two boys may be my favorite aspect of having another child. Jack loves to watch EJ and much like his brother he is in a big ol hurry to grow up. At 11 weeks old he tries to sit up and quite frankly is better at exercising his core than I am. He wants to roll over so bad and boy does he get mad when he gets stuck on his side. EJ is dying for him to play with him and requests that Jack “sit” with him about a million times a day.

 I have a feeling I am going to get lots of this look from both them in the coming years. 

 Inside joke 
Jack siting in his chair at the toddler table. EJ can’t wait for them to eat lunch together.   
EJ loves to kiss his brother. I am going to remind him of this when they get in to fights in the coming years. 

He’s here

On July 28, 2011 at 12:36pm after the easiest delivery in the world. 
Yes, this confirmed our plans that we in fact are not done making and baking babies.
Jackson Robert Holman joined our family. 

Weighing in at 8 pounds 8 ounces and 22 inches long we were told that he was “large for his gestational age”.
I wonder what another week of baking would have done to our already big man. It’s good thing we decided it was in everyone’s best interest to evict at 39 weeks and 1 day.

This child is a true joy and such an easy baby. Life for me is so much better this time. I think back to the struggles and baby blues of EJ’s birth and thank God that I am not in that place this time.

We are rocking and rolling with the breast feeding. I already have tons of milk stashed and he is gaining weight like a rockstar. Pretty much everything is better this time around and I could not be more thankful.

More to come later. But I will leave you with this doll face. Don’t you just want to kiss those cheeks?

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July 27th it is!

Friday morning while trying to wrangle EJ in order to get a few hours of pool time in hopes for a long afternoon nap my phone rings. As I try to juggle digging it out of my purse and helping EJ up and into his seat. I notice that its my OB office. Not too sure what in the world they could be calling for since I have been there twice this week already so I hesitantly answer. I hear a familiar voice of one of the nurses that always seems to get the pleasure of calling me. She is, also, the nurse that side-eyed my weight gain at 6 months. She’s a tough cookie but seems to be good at her job so I can respect that. She begins by telling me that since my induction is elective that I have been bumped for a medically needed one.

Fear creeps through me as I wonder what that means, she relaxes me a bit with the great news that I am now in for Wednesday instead of Thursday.

But, I am still holding my breathe. Who is the dr on call? I really like my OB. He’s good. He listens. He pays attention. He doesn’t waste your time.

Overwhelming the practice is full of dr’s just like him but there is one that is just plain awful. Like makes me want to run away at thought of dealing with her. She’s mean, she doesn’t listen (aka spent half of a visit reading someone else’s file and dismissing me when I was like umm I already had that test etc.) and quite frankly I just really do not want to deal with her.

Well the heavens parted and I was told that another one of the drs I really like was on call that day and would be doing it. Awesome. Sounds like plan see you then.

And my very favorite the final comment was I know your in prodromal labor and pretty dilated so we can all hope that you will have to come in before then… yes, we can all hope.

However, I am not too hopeful. My children are stubborn.

So countdown to baby day is T minus 5 days.

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The final product

Jackson’s Room is all done.
Momma can knock that off her list of things to do.
Now on the the 50 million other things I want/need to do.

This room is an example of bargain shopping at it’s best! You would be shocked to know just how little was spent.
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Rocking the Bump

Since I have taken a few bump photos this time, I thought I would join in and rock my latest baby bump!

Here’s baby Jack at 14 weeks starting to show a bit even through the massive amounts of throwing up that Momma was doing at the time. I was down quite a few pounds at that point so that’s all baby pudge.

16 weeks down, still sick as a dog.

24 weeks down, finally starting to feel better and baby boy is really filling out.

26 weeks down. Momma’s hiding a very swollen face.

 3rd Trimester, 28 weeks.

30 weeks

33 weeks… Whoa 6 weeks or less to go. CRAZY!

Its so true that it goes by much quicker the 2nd time around! And I can not believe I am admitting this but I am actually glad that I am documenting the bump this time. It’s fun to see the progression. However, I am getting to the “so over this pregnancy” point. Oh well soon enough!

This too shall pass

I have heard it a lot lately, “oh you are going to have your hands full” in response to my rather large belly and the crazy kid running around at my feet. It amazes me the freedom people feel in speaking their “truth” to you when it comes to opinions on children. I honestly believe that a good number of people really enjoy fear mongering expectant parents.  I can not for the life me figure out why.

Before EJ was born I was told I would never sleep again. That I should enjoy quiet because it’s over soon. The array of other personal comments and opinions that was launched at me was mind boggling. I didn’t  understand it then and still don’t today. Primarily because of the obvious. It’s not like I can do anything about it now. This baby is coming whether we like it or not. Get over it and get ready is my motto. I get excited. Some days I am scared but that’s normal. Trust me I do not need you spilling your guts to me about how much work I am about to be in for. I will learn soon enough on my own.

And guess what there were sleepless nights, there were days when I wanted to pull every strand of my hair out and scream. I have been exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed but you know what?

It’s worth it. And it passed. 

I love my kid so much it hurts. I love being his momma and even when he makes me crazy I can not imagine my life without him. I love my husband more each and every day because he loves our kid so much. We are committed to each other in a different way because we know and embrace the reality that we are the foundation of our family. This family of ours is so important to us that we work hard daily to make sure that there are no cracks in that foundation. That kind of commitment is amazing. That kind of love is worth it even if it means a few sleepless nights.

I don’t doubt that two small children may make head spin some days and I will wonder if their is enough of me to go around. I will worry about dumb things and life will have its ups and downs. Yes, my hands are going to be full but they are big enough to juggle it. And my heart is going to grow that July day even bigger and life without my two little boys will be totally unimaginable.

So for me I try very hard to never say anything negative to new parents or parents-to-be. I know they hear enough junk and I always speak my truth which is “Just remember this too shall pass and focus on the reality that it is so worth it. There is nothing like having your own family, absolutely nothing like it”.

26.5 weeks

It’s gotten to point that my belly isn’t the only thing showing. It’s official my face as joined the preggo club which means I am back to avoiding mirrors. Yuck, I hate it when my face swells. But things here are moving along. Monday is the lovely glucose test blergh.

But here’s the belly in all it’s glory!

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