I have two kids, I have done this before. This whole baby thing should be a piece of cake, right?


The difference between children is astounding. Truly they are their own little person right from the start. Both of my children have been fairly easy babies. Don’t get me wrong they do all the crazy baby things but I seem to handle it better than most so my assumption is that they are bit easier than others. Or I just handle sleep depravation better, I have no idea. Regardless, neither child has made me question as to why I signed up for parenthood in the baby stage. Now as a toddler EJ has daily left me wondering why I did this and am I qualified to raise this heathen, excuse me child.

But, seriously from day one I have been treating Jack like EJ and well its been humorous to see the difference. The biggest one is food. EJ started solids right at 4 months. The skinny child that he was made every doctor nervous and they demanded we get on the food and fast. He took to it just fine and there we plugged away eating all.the.time.

At around 4.5 months I decided to see if Jack was interested and he flat wasn’t. Refused the food all together. I took it as sign to wait and tried again ever few weeks. Fast forward to his 6 month appointment and the Dr informs me that it is time to get him eating and wants me to work up to 2 meals a day by 9 months. I nod my head and wonder if he will ever give up his bottle and realize this may be more work than EJ. I  try and try and guess who still will not let me fed them purees but has gone after all of big bro’s meals? None other than little bro Jack. So I ask the twitter and was promptly turned onto baby led weening and oh lord the heavens parted that day.

Jack eats what we eat. Well within reason as in I make sure its very soft and cut into small pieces and then toss it on his tray. At just shy of 7 months this child of mine feds himself. Its not clean and he requires a good wiping down after every meal and a bedtime bath is now a requirement but boy does he love it. This kid is eating so much that I have to fed him a bottle first or there is no room left for it. He sleeps even better than he did before and is in the best mood all the time. For the first time in months I would guess he is satisfied. And quite frankly it is easy.

Psst. baby #3 take notes from your brother this is the way to go. Baby food is so old school. 

Before any rumors get started no we are not pregnant nor plan to be anytime soon. But, yes there will be a baby 3 one day and maybe a 4th only time will tell.