Baby Boom

Am I the only who has noticed that lots and lots of people have either just had a baby or expecting one soon?? My ob tells me when the economy is bad the instance of pregnancy goes up. We had a good laugh as we discussed whether or not those pregnancy were planned or not. Regardless, having a baby is one of life’s greatest gifts. EJ has changed Craig and I’s life in way we never imagined. I can’t wait to give him a sibling, well I can but I do look forward to one day growing our family even more.

I thought I would take a moment to share my five favorite baby items. There are SOOO many out there  and I know I leaned heavily on advice of other moms so if you are wondering what makes this mom get all  giddy about her new toy then keep reading.

My baby sling…
When EJ was a new born I could leave the house and go places, yes in public because he was all snug in there. People would ask if I had a baby in there, I even got my feet done when he was a month while he slept in there. No one could touch him and he nestled up next to me which they say is really good for newborns. This momma went stir crazy hanging around the house all the time and trust me your hormones make you crazy enough if you need to get out of the house… GO or it may not be pretty.  Now I can prop EJ on my hip and it will hold him up all snug and safe and my hands are free. Gosh I love it.

Isn’t it pretty!
This a serena and lily. I heart there stuff!
My jogging stroller… it has this awesome feature that makes it fold FLAT with a pull of a handle and its like 13 lbs. Not to mention its a SMALL jogging stroller so you aren’t that annoying momma with the huge stroller taking up the entire store at the mall. Its by baby jogger and they say not for jogging cause they have plastic wheels instead of tire wheels. BUT they pop of and you can pull the tire wheels on it and honestly if you aren’t a marathon runner and you aren’t trying to run trails use it. Some lawyer told them to put that on there cause we are a sue happy country. Pretty much my fav stroller, yes I have 3 and I could have done with out all of except this one. I just may sell them. It also has mesh for the back if you recline the seat so if you have a hot baby like I do, they will love for some air circulation. It also works with most infant seats including the top 2… Chicco & Preg Perego
Yes, I do love a good orange stroller!
My Bottles– BORN FREE
Pricey, yes… well worth it. Only 3 pieces not 7 like dr browns. They have nice little indents that help teach the baby to hold their bottle. Plus we had an overeater that gorged himself on milk. I mean you would think we never fed him, I promise we do every 3 hrs on the nose except at night and we had very little gas issues, if any. Ahhh I love them. 
My diaper bag… I am have a problem a Petunia Pickle Bottom Problem, I own a few but man I love them. They are cute and stylish, no silly appliqués. I love a good appliqué on clothes but not on the bag I have to carry. They are full of pockets and my fav of the group is a fabric that just wipes off.  The strap can be easily shortened which works great for draping it over the stroller. 
So stylish!
The Chicco clip on “highchair”… it clips right to our table and ej feels like he is eating with us. And it fold flat for storage or to take it with you which I do a lot. Its amazing how many restaurants only have a few high chairs so if its busy they may be out or do not have high chairs at all and they have booster seats which is great if your child sits still. Mine does not so I can strap him and our little monkey is stuck =) 
Not to mention cleaning is SOO easy the cover slips right off and off the washing machine it goes. Good as new in an hour. 
Yes, many of these products are little bit more expensive than some BUT I have learned that the good stuff is really durable and most are really easy to put together (minimal effort) and all seem to have nice features like folding flat etc. If your like me I intend to use these things a few times and I want to be able to nicely store them in the interim and have them hold up. Spend the money now you will not regret it. PROMISE!