A Bag Whore!

I am certified bag whore, I love a good bag and always have. I come by it rightly my mom and grandma and even great-grandma share my love. We used to spend hours in Europe (when the average person could still afford to visit it) checking out the markets for bags not the sights, it made the men in our lives crazy. So when I heard about the What’s in Your Bag Blog Hop, I had to join in.

I have a Petunia Pickle Bottom problem, no really I do. I actually have more than one. 

And guess what it is really full of stuff here is everything minus the wipes and Momma’s deodorant. Don’t judge I live in the South, its sweltering down here.

For me we have:
1. Sunglasses
2. Camera 
3. Hand Sanitizer 
4. Phone 
5. Snack 
6. Wallet- best way to keep a toddler from dumping it out on the ground. What more interested in the Money catcher feature. 
7. IPad- all else fails put on Elmo
8. Body Splash- I sweat sorry 
For the Babe we have:
1. Change of clothes
2. Baby Koozie, holds juice box so he doesn’t squeeze it EVERYWHERE
3. Snack Trap
4. Sunscreen
5. Bug Spray
6. Sippy cup of water
7. Books for entertainment
8. Paci for when he must be quiet 
9. Brush because he loves to give himself a tousled look
10. Extra Diaper 
11. Children’s Motrin (generic) 
12. Ice cream cone/Popsicle holder 
13. First Aid Kit
What’s in your bag??

Blog Hoppin- Tornado Tuesday

First off, if you tried to comment in the last few days… I AM SO SORRY! I love, love, LOVE comments and in my blog make-over I turned them off. Silly LA, you must test these things. Have I told you I a bit slow when it comes to computers.

On to the good stuff! Blog Hoppin! Isn’t that button just grand! I am so impressed with others computer skills.

Hormonal Imbalances Welcome to our home! I am so glad you stopped by. Grab a glass of sweet tea and take a break from the heat of the summer. Those of us below the Mason Dixon Line are glowing big time. My momma always told me that southern women do not sweat they glow, I am not sure if I agree. My glow drips down my neck and onto the floor, it is not pretty. 
Today, I promise to keep short because I know you are checking out everyone’s sites. Here’s a quick run down of us. We live in the heart of Atlanta, but dream of moving to country. My husband is obsessed with fly fishing and during our dating years taught me to love it too. After a whirlwind year that included a wedding, baby, new house, two layoffs, and new careers for both of us (me- full time motherhood and hubby living up the corporate world) we are settling into our world as a family.  I was a journalism major and used to dream of being a writer so this blog is a way for me live my dream and exercise my brain so it does not morph into Elmo before my kids hit pre-school.
Grab the button and join the party!! And I sure do hope you come back!
Hormonal Imbalances
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