What? It means “I love you” in dinosaur. And this is something EJ has taking a liken to. All day, everyday.
At a play date earlier this week, EJ bogarted the playhouse and held the door closed. 2 little girls really wanted in and politely knocked repeatedly. EJ responded with opening the door slightly and “RAWR” over and over again.
He also loves to wait until Jack falls asleep in the car and then scream “JACKSON” at the top of his lungs followed by a RAWR. Seriously its ridiculous. This is a result of the RAWR.

Instead of playing dolls. I play trucks and repeat “please don’t rawr at mommy” and “please don’t tackle mommy”. Ahh the life of a boy mom and its only just begun. I have two of them and judging from Jack making every other baby at the play date cry by just talking to them my kids are going to have similar personalities. Its a good thing they are adorable because I am going to have a head full of greys by the time we get to high school graduation.

A photo dump

Because these photos are just too darn cute not to share…
Oh the eyes on my two boys. They make me swoon. 
I love this photo. So their personalities. EJ cutting up and Jack just chillin. 
I love how Jack is like “really Bro what are doing?”

He will hate me one day for taking this picture. Warning little boy if Momma doesn’t approve of a girl you bring home rest assured this picture will be brought out in hopes that your too embarrassed to ever call her again.

He got a big boy hair cut it makes me sad. He looks so old and sort of like dennis the menace ironically he acts like him too! 
This little boy is soooo happy.all.the.time. Well unless he’s hungry but who came blame him. 
He is also growing up way too fast! 
Bruno and EJ are trouble all the time and always together. Its rather adorable. 

See the face. DENNIS THE MENACE I tell ya. 
They love each other. 

Halloween 2011

Halloween is quite frankly one of my least favorite holidays. I have no idea why. I am just not such a huge fan of it. Craig says its because I am no fun and do not like dressing up but whatever the reason it’s not really my thing. Craig loves it so I generally decorate and attempt to be a good supportive wife and enjoy the holiday for him. This year, however, our house is covered in a layer of dust with a daily dose of construction workers so I decided it was not worth the effort. I am going to have to go all out next year to make-up for it I am sure.

After a bit of a debate we decided to take EJ trick or treating. Honestly, it was somewhat of a fail. He didn’t really understand the concept, ran into a number of the houses as soon as the door was open and tried to eat the candy the minute they handed it to him. Tantrums ensued and we bailed early on the whole thing.  But, it was fun to dress both boys up and I am sure we have many years of many hours of trick or treating ahead of us.

Without further ado I present to you …

Our Resident Dinosaur

& Our Baby Bear

Here’s our failed attempts at a group photo. We are in the depths of the refusing to look at the camera and smile phase of toddlerhood.

The boys

Watching the bond form between the two boys may be my favorite aspect of having another child. Jack loves to watch EJ and much like his brother he is in a big ol hurry to grow up. At 11 weeks old he tries to sit up and quite frankly is better at exercising his core than I am. He wants to roll over so bad and boy does he get mad when he gets stuck on his side. EJ is dying for him to play with him and requests that Jack “sit” with him about a million times a day.

 I have a feeling I am going to get lots of this look from both them in the coming years. 

 Inside joke 
Jack siting in his chair at the toddler table. EJ can’t wait for them to eat lunch together.   
EJ loves to kiss his brother. I am going to remind him of this when they get in to fights in the coming years. 

Wordless Wednesday

My little boys… oh how they love each other already. 
Stay tuned update to come its been a whirlwind of a few weeks with renovations starting, a trip to Memphis and Momma injuring her foot, well feet, badly. I am off to the dr again today so hopefully we can get to the bottom of this. 

No doubt

EJ at 2 months

Jack at 3 weeks

These boys are certainly brothers. And no I did not pose either one of them. In fact, we catch them both sleeping in that exact pose rather often.