Picture Perfect

Ever since getting an iPhone 2 years ago I have been pretty horrid about using my big camera. Its so easy when the phone is nearby and after having my almost new camera stolen by work men I am not as inclined to just leave it sitting out like I used to. But, after ordering an awesome Blurb book of the last yrs Instagram pics I have vowed to use it more. The book is awesome quality, awesome. HIGHLY recommend them. But, you just can’t beat the quality of a big DSLR camera. I know one day when my kids are grown and living their own lives I will love having these memories in pictures.

I take a pretty decent picture. I am no photographer and I am pretty terrible at manual but I am slowing improving. We have a good enough camera that my artistic eye can get the right angle and the camera can do the hard work. I need to take a class about photoshop I just play with it and more often than not totally over process the picture but again learning curve I will get there.

We play outside most days after nap to burn the afternoon energy so the other day I broke out the camera and got some recent pictures. I really can not get over how big they suddenly are and I really am shocked how much EJ and Jack favor each other. 

EJ 3 years old

Jack 1 year

Brain Dump

I have stop and started writing updates more times than I can count. Sometimes I probably put too much pressure on myself to make words flow and sound amazing. But this is my place and if their are typos and such… really who cares.

I’m almost 16 weeks. Yikes. I can not even wrap my brain around it. It will be d day before I know it. Sometimes I forget I am pregnant which is weird. With EJ once we knew it was all I thought about and Jack made me want to die every day so yeah no way to forget why. I am showing differently this time more wide and less round bump right in the middle. It’s easier to hide. In a lot of clothes I look fat not pregnant. I can’t decide if I like or not. It doesn’t matter eventually it will be obvious.

EJ is loving school, loving. He started and bam grown-up kid. I had to walk him to his classroom today because I had a room parent meeting and you would thought I was killing him. “Mom, I want to do the carpet line (he refuses to call it a carpool line)” “Mom, don’t hold my hand. I know where to go.” Basically told me to go away. Seriously, he’s three.

And the room parent thing. Jesus. I may have over achieved too much this time. I walked into our meeting to an agenda and talks of bringing my family silver pattern to decorate my room’s table for the Mom’s fashion show. Awesome.

I have a bladder/kidney infection again. Manage to catch it in time to avoid spending a week in the hospital on a morphine drip but it hasn’t been fun. Being Mom and being sick sucks because quite frankly no one cares. Needless to say I have been sucking down water and crashing early each and every night.

We got an offer on the house. It was joke, they should feel lucky that even bothered to counter. And then they spent 2 hours pretending to be inspectors and countered again with the same offer. We want to sell but that is rude and ridiculous. When the realtor is saying they are whistling dixie you know your feelings are acceptable. We countered back our original offer told them to take it or leave it. They aren’t our buyers. I was really hopeful they were. We are so ready to close this chapter and start a new one but we do have standards.

Oh and our perfect child that never causes problems is now biting. The tables have turned, EJ got a glowing weekly report and Jack got the pink slip. I suppose it will always be like this. I guess I better hang on.

A Fall Plan

This morning I loaded the boys into car bright and early to head to our local doughnut shop. Some old friends were in town visiting and we just couldn’t bid them farewell without sharing a little Sublime doughnuts. As soon as the garage door opened I noticed a familiar scent and chill floating through the air. Fall is on its way. We aren’t there yet but its brewing and starting remind us that she is indeed headed our way.

I love the change of seasons. Just when you have your fill of heat or cold suddenly the hint of a new beginning starts to show. This fall marks the graduation from Mother’s Day Out to Preschool for EJ. He has an actual curriculum and will be exposed to much more than the structured play of the past. I could not be more excited for him. He is ready for the stimulation and as much as packing him a lunch daily and dropping in the carpool line makes me a little sad I know its time and he will love it.

This fall I have a bucket list for our family. With Craig in the midst of grad school and me pregnant, I know we have to be deliberate about our family time or just may pass us by. Too often we find ourselves slipping into the our own world on the weekend; napping, playing on the internet and not doing much of anything at all. There is a time for that but I know we want to make memories and always feel guilty when those weekends are happening all too often.

I ran across this on Pineterest and loved it. Its perfect way to guide our weekends this year and make sure that we have time to make some great memories as a family. We will also add going to the fair and going to a football game to the mix because you just can’t have fall with fairs and football.

The days

I am a structure person with mild obsessions about cleanliness and order. The chaotic life that evolves with a toddler underfoot has at times left me a bit frazzled and even unhinged. It truly has taken years for me to see the beauty in the disarray. The toys scattered about are signs of imaginations at work. Those stacks of books were time machines to a far away place or vessels of knowledge added to their brain. Sticky floors point to a full belly and most likely some laughs.
I have to stop at times and remember one day my house will sparkle again but with that sparkle will also come the silence of empty rooms as their inhabitants are busy living their lives. Learning new things while the world is shaping them into their people they are to be.
So today I am learning to plan a little less and play a little more. To hold my babies close and pretend about desert islands and buried treasure. To walk over the toys scattered about and cherish each and every moment we have together. Because in a blink of an eye these days will be over and new days will be beginning. I will cherish each stage even through the strife because these really are the days.

Momma’s army

This child absolutely loves his brother. It is unreal to me that a person who is all of 2 years old can grasp the concept of how lucky he is to have a brother. If Jack cries he is the first on the scene. He is the paci police always near to place back in his mouth :: and take it off his hands if spits it back out:: He wants to “hold” and “carry”” Jack all the time. And insists on pushing with Momma’s help his stroller. He is already protecting and loving him with such wild abandonment I can’t help but be anything less than proud.

It’s no secret I was on Team Pink at the beginning of this pregnancy. Honestly, my entire life I had wanted 3 or 4 kids until this past pregnancy. Once I entered into my third week of all day sickness with an 18 month old, I changed my tune. By the time I was admitted to the hospital with an acute kidney infection from severe dehydration as a result of all the throwing up I was all but begging God to bless us with pink so that I could send Craig straight to the urologist. I was so done with this making and baking a baby thing. But as usual God had other plans and as usual I was pissed… at first.

But, now I look at both my baby boys and think I not only can I not imagine not having at least one more. I am so thankful that these two boys have each other. At 25 months apart they will have many similar interests and it is my hope that they will grow up not just fighting but also loving each other. They have a built-in best friend. So in the words of a wise older women when I confessed that we were having another boy… “right now I am building my army” and eventually we will have princess for Daddy.

And it is really such an honor to be these little boys’ Momma. 

Shock and Awe

Have you ever experienced something that literally stopped you in your tracks and made your mouth fall open? Yesterday, we fired off yet another email to our listing agent, we had a number of showings in the last week and had not received any feedback at all. This was not the first time this had happened it is the norm with this couple. I would say less than 5% of the showings would result in anything other than radio silence from them. We had asked nicely, demanded and discussed time and time again that we wanted to hear how it went even if it was they walked in and walked right back out. Personally, I found it to be a perfectly reasonable request. If your house is on the market and you have an agent you are about to make them a lot of money especially us, since we wanted to buy and sell in the same area aka they get to be a part of two closings. Therefor basic communication would be nice. I honestly do not know why I am surprised they are all talk and zero follow through and I had realized this awhile back.

Craig and I had even discussed terminating our contract with them due to their extreme laziness with our listing. But, we are people of our word and we gave our word that we would give them 90 days and so we decided to just go with it. Well, guess who ended up getting fired? US.

Yes, you read that right our agents fired us for requesting that they follow up on every showing. I am flabbergasted by their extreme unprofessionalism and laziness. We weren’t asking for much just a quick text and some how that request is too great. I promise you we did nothing but ask for them to take us seriously. We would have paid college for their daughter next year with our two transactions so you would think that might inspire a bit of respect.

But, hey that’s ok I am so done with them and their ways. Not only will we find a good agent that will sell our house in a timely manner. We will find one that isn’t too busy playing tennis, spring breaking in Florida and hoping that modern technology will do their job. No worries we will come out on top but seriously who gets fired by their listing agent? Apparently we do but thats cool my husband has big mouth and is furious so watch out Cross Team you have just made our shit list.