Baby Bump

I love fashion. As a child I would not wear pants and changed my clothes a million times a day. God Bless my mother for tolerating it. That was a whole lot of laundry and ironing I accumulated for her.

This love has carried me through my adolescent years and into adulthood. I loved dressing the part. Whether I was walking the halls of the US Capitol or attending a state fair. I perfectly planned most everything I wore.

My first pregnancy was a mix of emotions and that love for dressing went by the way side. I just didn’t care. I finally got it together right before his birth and bought a few staple items that were pretty expensive considering I was about to give birth. But, those few purchases were the best thing I ever did because I learned a major lesson. Spend the money on staples. They fit right and you will most likely wear them all the time.

Fast forward to my second pregnancy I knew better. I spent the money from the start on a few nice items and that combined with my few from my first left me with an awesome wardrobe. Let’s be honest most of your pregnancy you do not feel great physically. And if you feel like crude in your clothes then it makes for a miserable few months.

Baby #3 is baking away and considering it is my 3rd pregnancy my body is jumping right back to form in record time. The first when are due comment from a perfect stranger came at 10 weeks. My regular clothes are packed away and the pregnancy wardrobe is shaping back up. This time I am sharing my thoughts on good staples and pretty clothes for those of us with a growing midsection. And together we can all rock the bump!

10 weeks baby #3

Target Liz Lange Maternity Black Maxi Dress