Momma help please

::I know, its been way too long since my last post. Please don’t quit reading. I am back, promise!::

I am sitting on the fence of diapers?

I am frugal, OK lets face it I am cheap. I will drive to 5 different stores to find the best price and I love the dollar store. The fact that cloth diapering is suppose to save you thousands makes me think that I need to do it…. like today.

Have I mentioned that we live our weeks fighting diaper rash. EJ’s bum is so sensitive. My heart breaks  into tiny little pieces when I change his diaper and he screams the whole time because it hurts. I will handle poop for him and that cute tush to be rash free. Plus, we are on baby one so this could be an investment for a couple more… (::yes hubs I said couple::). 

But I am completely overwhelmed, I look at blogs and read reviews but dear lord there are so many brands and types. All I know is that the covers are damn cute! That is almost enough for me take the plunge. Cute is always a win in my book, always.

So this is where you as my readers come in. Do you cloth diaper? Do you love it or hate it? What’s your brand of choice and your number one tip. Please help, pretty please with a big ol’ cherry on top!