The whole truth

Mondays in the blogging world, at least the Mom blogging world, mean one thing weight loss posts. Honestly, it’s an awesome way to look for ideas and find support while weeding through the reality that we are no longer teenagers that can eat whatever we please without gaining a pound.
Lately, I have been tuning out of Monday’s post because I am pregnant and dieting while pregnant is not really allowed or a good idea. But, today I am going to be honest. I am so discouraged with the weight gain this time around. I look in the mirror and want to scream and cry. Swollen face and hands, legs mascaraing as tree trunks and let’s not even discuss the behind that is growing.
I have tried to do it right and lay off the nasty fatty food and be aware of what I am putting in my mouth but y’all it has flat out not worked. I gained a whopping 10lbs in 7 weeks, yep that right 20 lbs prior to me walking into my 3rd trimester (yay Wednesday!). The nurse gave me the side eye and mentioned it more than once. Yes, I did hear  you clearly the first time now kindly shut up before I preggo rage your skinny butt to the wall.
I walked out of the office committed to being very careful, very, for the remainder of the pregnancy. Can we just say that is backfired in a big way as I have hit the ravishing hunger stage of pregnancy. The “there is not enough food in the world to help” this hunger. And me watching food went out the window and front door because when I am that hungry I am a mean pregnant lady. And honestly that is not saying much because I am historically an angry preggo. It’s just the way it is. My pissed off demeanor is just a fact of life for most of the 10 months. Throw the hunger card into it and watch out world. I am not happy at all.
So basically this a plea for help. Momma’s what did you do to keep the weight in check and not walk around hungry? Do you have trick for handling it all or what did you not do that given a chance for a redo you change?
And go ahead and plan that come August, I will vomiting all over the interwebs my quest to actually look better in my 30’s than in my 20’s.

Fashion Sense?

How many of you spent at least a moment in of your pre-momma days pontificating on how you were not going to be a frumpy mom? I am pretty sure I made a snide comment about Juicy Jogging Suits when it suddenly became the new Mom uniform. I swore up and down that I would never wear ANYTHING but low rise pants. And even pregnant I refused to wear most maternity clothes because they were frumpy and I was entirely too young for them. No thank you, keep your awkwardly large V-necked tops to yourself.

And then baby boy was born. And the first 6 months of his life happened. There were days when my hubby told me I smelled, asked when the last time I showered, I wore the same two or three outfits every day and when my mom bought me a juicy jogging suit I was ecstatic. On impulse, I dyed my hair back to its natural lite brown color, chopped it all off and forgot I owned make-up. That was a very bad idea, I am pretty sure my bleak outlook on life had something to do with the fact I avoided mirrors, the appearance was too much to handle. I was my own worst nightmare.

Suddenly, I started to feel better, I turned the hurdle on weight and it started to come off. I spent WAY too much at my former amazing hair stylist to get her to return my hair to its previous state and rediscovered make-up. I felt so much better.

Somewhere in the year of lost fashion, things turned weird. Recently, I was out at bar with some friends, I turned to the girls and said “did I miss something what is going on with trendy clothes?” I used to pride myself on my fashion sense but I am so not wearing those clothes. I mean really fanny packs? Coach or not, that is a don’t in my book.

So here I am, a Mom. I wear my juicy running suits and running skirts most days. I sport shape-ups because they make legs burn and every little bit helps and thank god I am blond again. I like my day wear, I actually don’t think its all that bad but when it come to date night, playdates with friends or girls night out. I am at a loss, what do I wear? I want to blend, I want to be cute, I am so confused on what to wear. I don’t want to look like a time warp from 2005.

What have you done, to bridge the gap from young, hot single clothes to mom, married trendy clothes? Where do you shop? What’s your favorite?

For the first time in my life I regret to inform you..I need a makeover!

please help,
Reel Momma