The Boy

Lately, this blog seems to be all about Momma being pregnant and little Jack’s impending arrival. While the new baby will surely bless this family in ways we can not even fathom we still have our first born. And boy is he growing up fast. Currently, we are potty training. Can you believe it? 22 months ago today I was at the hospital gearing up for him to join our family and today we talk, run, play and, well, potty train.

The last few weeks have been beautiful in the South. Yes, there have been some horrid storms and major destruction but the days that are pretty have been nothing short of beautiful. We have played outside for hours, headed to a strawberry patch to pick our own fresh berries and spent a wonderful family filled weekend in Memphis with family on the farm.

EJ is a farm boy, he loves not only the fire engine bed my mother has for him but the dirt, dogs, toys, tractors, and all other farm things. He is the happiest child in the world while there and melts down almost every time he is forced to the car to leave. I fully expect a day to come where he begs me to send him to his grandparents. And I am sure his grandparents will eagerly agree. He is truly the apple of both of their eyes.

Below is quite the picture explosion of the last few weeks.

You know your pregnant when

You stand in front of an open fridge and freezer because you are that overheated

You sit down on the ground to watch your son play on his swing set only to realize that you may not be able to get back up. 
Your son sleeps with you and your husband and instead of loving the family time you contemplate moving rooms because you are not only being kicked from the inside, someone on the outside is kicking you too!
Life pisses you off. Seriously, life is on my sh*t list today. 
You are starving and nauseated at the same time. 
Don’t you wish you pregnant?? 
Honestly, I am super thankful that I can not only make a baby with ease. I carry them with little issues but seriously y’all its hard work this business of baking a baby. 
Men have it way too easy, way too easy. 

Shock and Awe

Have you ever experienced something that literally stopped you in your tracks and made your mouth fall open? Yesterday, we fired off yet another email to our listing agent, we had a number of showings in the last week and had not received any feedback at all. This was not the first time this had happened it is the norm with this couple. I would say less than 5% of the showings would result in anything other than radio silence from them. We had asked nicely, demanded and discussed time and time again that we wanted to hear how it went even if it was they walked in and walked right back out. Personally, I found it to be a perfectly reasonable request. If your house is on the market and you have an agent you are about to make them a lot of money especially us, since we wanted to buy and sell in the same area aka they get to be a part of two closings. Therefor basic communication would be nice. I honestly do not know why I am surprised they are all talk and zero follow through and I had realized this awhile back.

Craig and I had even discussed terminating our contract with them due to their extreme laziness with our listing. But, we are people of our word and we gave our word that we would give them 90 days and so we decided to just go with it. Well, guess who ended up getting fired? US.

Yes, you read that right our agents fired us for requesting that they follow up on every showing. I am flabbergasted by their extreme unprofessionalism and laziness. We weren’t asking for much just a quick text and some how that request is too great. I promise you we did nothing but ask for them to take us seriously. We would have paid college for their daughter next year with our two transactions so you would think that might inspire a bit of respect.

But, hey that’s ok I am so done with them and their ways. Not only will we find a good agent that will sell our house in a timely manner. We will find one that isn’t too busy playing tennis, spring breaking in Florida and hoping that modern technology will do their job. No worries we will come out on top but seriously who gets fired by their listing agent? Apparently we do but thats cool my husband has big mouth and is furious so watch out Cross Team you have just made our shit list.

What I’m loving these days…

I have expensive taste. I blame my mother and grandmother who taught me early on the value of beautiful clothes, shoes and generally everything. If given a choice of 3 items without the price listed inevitably I will want the most expensive item. It’s a curse and blessing. I have good taste but I always have running list of things I’m loving. But really who doesn’t wish they had the ability to buy whatever, whenever they wanted? Unless your a member of the Trump family it’s not reality and that’s OK. I am blessed beyond measure but if I go on a spending spree here are some of my recent HOT items.

Jack and any future baby H needs this don’t they??
image credit
Confession, I love just about anything Restoration Hardware. Clean, simple and classy. If I ever get a little girl she will sleep in the Iron Restoration Hardware crib. Overpriced or not its beautiful! 
My swollen preggo feet needs these don’t you think?
Image Credit

While we are showing off all that is Tori Burch. This bag is pretty spectacular don’t you think? I see it being a perfect poolside addition.

I do love a good bag, I am a self proclaimed bag whore. Doesn’t this look like the perfect addition to freshly baked baby? Ah Petunia Pickle Bottom you get it right every.single.time.

And who doesn’t need a camera strap? I am Mom, therefor my camera is always by side and since the Husband hooked up my obsession with picture taking with an awesome setup. It only makes sense that I add a beautiful strap right? 
Image Credit 

Yep one word sums all this up it up
:: SWOON ::

24 weeks down, 16 weeks to go

I think little Jack is going to be big one. Kid is already moving and shaking my entire belly most evenings while proving that he is just as active as his big brother. The numb leg has returned and by the end of the day most days I walk with a touch of a limp. It’s all worth tin the end I know but you just case you didn’t realize it…
there is NOTHING glamourous about pregnancy.

Here’s to hoping it’s more like 15 weeks to go. I can’t wait to meet my little man and indulge in a large margarita.

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A wild ride

It started off as a beautiful spring day at the beach. I spent the morning getting a manicure and pedicure with my cousin aka little sister and the afternoon doing flowers with all the women in my family. We laughed and remembered the past while making centerpiece after centerpiece. Meanwhile the men were off fishing and before I knew it it was time to get dressed. While the caterers set tables and the band warmed up family trickled to their rooms to get to ready. Photographers caught it all as I played with my veil and Craig causally played pool. The sky darkened and it started to rain. The wedding planner in me played it cool as I told everyone to just wait. I was getting married on that beach, the rain would clear up. The bar opened and appetizers were passed and sure enough the clouds parted.

That day I met my love on the beach wearing a big white dress and promised that through thick and thin, good times and bad we would walk through this life together. No struggle too great, no victory too small, we will love each other always. It’s been two years and wild ride it has already been but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My love for him grows with each passing day and I can’t imagine life without him in it. Our family of four means the world to me and I can not wait to see what the future has in store for us. 
For those of you who want to see a glimpse into Our Big Day here is the slideshow. The music is great so turn up the volume and enjoy.

A reason why #2 is more fun

While preparing for the first baby life is consumed with learning all about baby gear and what is the best out there. Your life revolves around safety tests and some slight panic on how in the world are you ever going to acquire all this expensive stuff that babies need. Momma’s everywhere share their best and worst products and you are left weeding through all this new found knowledge to select what you love the most for you and your little one.  If your like me you gather tons of goodies, ignore the advice from others who may know what they are talking about and basically realize 6 months down the line that you do not like all your stuff. I hated my infant car seat with a passion. I could have listened to my Grandmother. She promise me that I would hate it but instead I listen to the masses. I learned my lesson. It sucked. So far it took me 3 strollers to find one I loved and we are on infant seat #2.

When #2 comes around, you have so much of the stuff that you need already and suddenly preparing for this baby is a lot of fun. I know what I like and I know what I don’t. I have been there already so I have an idea of what I used and what I didn’t. I know baby brands and I know which ones work for us. It is great fun to know enough to just enjoy collecting sweet blankets, clothes, and such. This time I fret over so much less and spend more time just staring at my sweet baby boy’s new clothes and goodies. Not that I have a lot of time to stare at anything with a crazy 2 year old under foot but honestly I can say all this time around is better.

I know that these baby kicks will one day be painful and that sooner than later I will swell and feel gross and be hot all the time. So today, I will enjoy feeling the babe flip and kick and remember that even if I am more tired than I feel I can handle and I hate the scale with a passion this is a blessing. A gift that not all get with ease or ever. So for me even through the sickness and exhaustion I find that pregnancy with number 2 is way more fun.