A new year

Another year has arrived, its almost like someone is hitting the fast forward button these days.
It feels like only yesterday I walked into a party blissfully unaware that my future husband was just steps away from me. In a matter of seconds the amateur night known as New Years Eve would morph into the  most pivotal day of my life. That first kiss was my last first kiss and thus begun our story.

It has been five years and we sure do have a lot to show for it. Numerous trips, concerts, hysterical moments, lots of good times and a few bad times but most importantly we have two beautiful boys. When I think towards the dreams I have for the new year I remind myself of the wise quote suggesting that we trip ourselves up with letting our dreams get in the way of loving our reality.

So for this new year I vow to learn to love each day. This life is the one I choose and it’s my happily ever after. No specific goals in mind just continue to work on the daily job of strengthening our family. For Craig and I to continue to grow in love so that our foundation is firm. For patience as I learn every day how to better mother my boys and teach them to be good people. And for the ability to be able to see that I am at the end of my rope. I will not mommy martyr myself into an ugly place. I will let the house go some days, I will guiltlessly drop the boys off at school and I will teach myself that its ok to be someone other than a mother. I will never be the best mother and wife if I feel as though I am looking through a foggy window at a shadow of myself. And hopefully in 12 short months we will still see the same picture of a family just a little older with a bit more strength and a whole year full of happiness.