Brain Dump

I have stop and started writing updates more times than I can count. Sometimes I probably put too much pressure on myself to make words flow and sound amazing. But this is my place and if their are typos and such… really who cares.

I’m almost 16 weeks. Yikes. I can not even wrap my brain around it. It will be d day before I know it. Sometimes I forget I am pregnant which is weird. With EJ once we knew it was all I thought about and Jack made me want to die every day so yeah no way to forget why. I am showing differently this time more wide and less round bump right in the middle. It’s easier to hide. In a lot of clothes I look fat not pregnant. I can’t decide if I like or not. It doesn’t matter eventually it will be obvious.

EJ is loving school, loving. He started and bam grown-up kid. I had to walk him to his classroom today because I had a room parent meeting and you would thought I was killing him. “Mom, I want to do the carpet line (he refuses to call it a carpool line)” “Mom, don’t hold my hand. I know where to go.” Basically told me to go away. Seriously, he’s three.

And the room parent thing. Jesus. I may have over achieved too much this time. I walked into our meeting to an agenda and talks of bringing my family silver pattern to decorate my room’s table for the Mom’s fashion show. Awesome.

I have a bladder/kidney infection again. Manage to catch it in time to avoid spending a week in the hospital on a morphine drip but it hasn’t been fun. Being Mom and being sick sucks because quite frankly no one cares. Needless to say I have been sucking down water and crashing early each and every night.

We got an offer on the house. It was joke, they should feel lucky that even bothered to counter. And then they spent 2 hours pretending to be inspectors and countered again with the same offer. We want to sell but that is rude and ridiculous. When the realtor is saying they are whistling dixie you know your feelings are acceptable. We countered back our original offer told them to take it or leave it. They aren’t our buyers. I was really hopeful they were. We are so ready to close this chapter and start a new one but we do have standards.

Oh and our perfect child that never causes problems is now biting. The tables have turned, EJ got a glowing weekly report and Jack got the pink slip. I suppose it will always be like this. I guess I better hang on.

Where have we been AKA iPhone Photo Dump

A hurt foot, a nursing baby and an energetic toddler can keep you pretty busy. Throw in home renovations and a few trips into the mix and you have one crazy hectic few weeks.

It’s full on baby leg season and I love it!

Such a smiley child!

It’s a BABY party. Jack and I made a short trip up to Knoxville to meet two of my very best friends little additions. It was such a fun night. I hope these boys grow up to be buds.

While in Knoxville, we all went out to dinner. This was our view in the elevator.

EJ got to spend a week at the farm with my parents while Jack and I got a some good one on one time. It was so nice to spend some time giving him all the attention 🙂

Someone got a cold thanks to many kisses from his big bro so we spent a few afternoons like this. All propped up and snug.

Look at how long this child is! I am guessing he is going to give his uncles a run for their money in the height department.

Big bro is teaching little bro all about butterflies!

Renovations in progress!

THIS is a sign near my parents. Seriously only in Tennessee.

Boys ready for some quality time at the pumpkin patch!

Because I am crazy apparently, I also decided to ditch the pull-ups.

Such a good little road tripper!

6 hours later windows rolled down and shirt is off!

Pretty sure this kid most favorite place on earth is at his grandparents farm.

This is real life

It’s midnight, heartburn is flaring. Swallow some Tums. Prop myself up has high as I can go on my side and try to fall back asleep.
3 am arrives the heartburn is back. Pop some more Tums and roll over. It’s now 4am Momma instinct kicks in. I wake and listen hard for a whimper. Suddenly a wail and cry for me pierces the silence as I stumble to the boy’s room. I cuddle a scared boy and lay with him until he falls back asleep.
As I sneak back to my room, my stomach starts to rumble. I manage to lay down for only for a minute before I race to the bathroom. The 3rd trimester sickness has set in. Husband wakes a few minutes later to his boy yelling for him and his wife sick in the bathroom. Quite the symphony of sounds.
Not sure who to help he heads for the boy. For the rest of night he cuddled a scared boy who fought sleep by racing hot wheels up and down Daddy’s arms and legs.
This is real life. Not a fun party but bittersweet all in its own right. Just a picture of unconditional love as we muddle through yet another moment in our lives.

A week in pics

Thanks to my fantastic, awesome hubs, I finally am cool enough to posses my very own Iphone. So in honor of that I thought I would join the week in pics bandwagon.

Week One
A yummy doughnut breakfast before hitting the road to meet the grandparents!
And yes that child ate like 4 and insisted on having them all right there for him to choose.
How he is so skinny is beyond me.

While the child was away Mom….


And scored a great find on Craig’s List….

Organized lots of baby clothes…

Started cleaning out the nursery and painted some letters….

Cleaned out all my diapers bags and admitted I may have PPB problem…

Monogrammed a few bibs…

And got the big boy’s room cleaned out and organized. All baby stuffed moved on to his brother and now there is plenty of room for millions of match box cars, puzzles, trucks and lots of everything in between!