Picture Perfect

Ever since getting an iPhone 2 years ago I have been pretty horrid about using my big camera. Its so easy when the phone is nearby and after having my almost new camera stolen by work men I am not as inclined to just leave it sitting out like I used to. But, after ordering an awesome Blurb book of the last yrs Instagram pics I have vowed to use it more. The book is awesome quality, awesome. HIGHLY recommend them. But, you just can’t beat the quality of a big DSLR camera. I know one day when my kids are grown and living their own lives I will love having these memories in pictures.

I take a pretty decent picture. I am no photographer and I am pretty terrible at manual but I am slowing improving. We have a good enough camera that my artistic eye can get the right angle and the camera can do the hard work. I need to take a class about photoshop I just play with it and more often than not totally over process the picture but again learning curve I will get there.

We play outside most days after nap to burn the afternoon energy so the other day I broke out the camera and got some recent pictures. I really can not get over how big they suddenly are and I really am shocked how much EJ and Jack favor each other. 

EJ 3 years old

Jack 1 year


My new lens

For Christmas, Craig went a bit crazy and bought me one heck of a present. We have a Nikon D60 and I have used the heck out of the basic lens combo since EJ was born. I love taking pictures and have made it quite the hobby. As I have gotten more into it, I started looking into adding some lens to our collection. I was shocked to discover that even though our camera was less than 2 years old it was already outdated and the lens were double what the newest model lens were. 
After whining to twitter and facebook, I learned that was the main issue with Nikon. Once you were outdated you spent a ton of money, however Canon was different. I am a Canon girl anyway, my high school graduation present was the Canon Rebel 35mm, a camera that I loved and drug all over the States, Europe and Africa. I told Craig that we should start saving and upgrade our stuff to Canon in a year or so. 
Well, the man sure got me. Not only did he upgrade me to a Canon, he got me just about every lens you could ever want for a hobby… wide angle, 50mm, telephoto, and fish eye. He got me a bag, filters and a few other odds and ends. Seriously, the only thing I need is to get a strap cover. My husband is amazing and made my Xbox Kinex present look rather lame.
Needless to say I have been sick as a dog since the week after Thanksgiving thanks to the Wee One so I haven’t gotten to play with it as much as I wanted but here are a few taken with the 50 mm lens, the lens that started it all. 
PS. This lens rocks but is going to take some time to learn the ins and outs of it. So bear with me as I stumble my way through it.
My Kid’s eyes sure are amazing.
 He looks so old here that it almost makes me sad. No baby here.
 Craig took this of our favorite puggle and EJ’s BFF Bruno.
 Enjoying the Man Cave (playhouse) his Gammie bought him.

On a side note if you have camera strap cover that you love will you please tell me were you got yours? I would forever be appreciative.