It needs to be said

After reading a post on election day from Beth Anne at Okay, BA. I started really thinking. It was so well written and it’s like she took many of the words right out of my thoughts. I have been quiet with my opinions this election cycle. The screaming and yelling has been intense lately and I quite frankly had been insulted by many of the things I have heard or read.

I am Republican and most likely will never vote for a Democrat. Never say never but after spending some of my post college years working on Capitol Hill  I learned a few things. Namely you will not agree with EVERY stance a party takes. I am sorry but if everyone is honest there are very few people (who have taken the time to truly educate themselves ::sham on the media especially Fox news:: but thats a different topic all together) that are on board with every last stance a party holds. Most of the officials do not even feel that way just down play their differences in opinion.

I am female and I will never be in support of Roe verses Wade being overturned. I got pregnant out of wedlock and I know the importance of a women’s right to choose. It was not the choice for me ever and that is based in my moral code that is a direct result in my faith in God but I know that is not everyone’s faith. I can not dictate what you believe and I can not even imagine the turmoil that would have gone on in my heart if I didn’t get to make the choice to be a Mom.

I have a number of gay friends and I love them deeply and want them to experience all that life has to offer. I want them to be able to be married and I think that one day in our lifetime it will happen nation wide.

But, I do not vote on social policies in National elections. I believe in small government and those policies start at the state not national level. Many Presidents have taken stances on these issues in all directions because they know they can run their mouths without acting. We have separation of powers for a reason and it will take a lot more than one person to get any of that accomplished, things like Acts of Congress and Supreme Court decisions. Trust me watch the Marijuana debate unfold. It’s happening and it is starting at the state level. Slowly states are making it legal for various uses, give it time its going to make the national level soon. But, note that did not start with a President.  It disappoints me greatly to think that our election was focused  on such issues that have no place in the White House.

I vote for a President who will protect my country fiercely. One who will work with all sides to find agreements that work not stomp his feet and dictate what he wants to happen. I  believe in strong fiscal policies and expecting people who work hard and make money to pay their fair share not theirs and everyone else. I believe government assistance is just that assistance for tough times but not a career path. I believe that we have a lot of work to do that things have spun out of control for years and that it is time to reevealute everything. I think that Bush left us with some problems but I also know that some of today’s problems reach back even farther to other administrations.

Lastly, I think the leaders in Washington tend to behave in a manor similar to my three year old. I think they all need to grow up and stop worrying about who is winning each issue and focus on the fact that Democrat or Republican this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and we need to start behaving like it.

2 thoughts on “It needs to be said

  1. Nicely stated. What I always find interesting, is that as a fierce Democrat, for the most part, I believe in the same values/hopes/and dreams. I think it’s about approach. What disappoints me, regardless of party is that over the course of the past few days, people are either publicly gloating, or talking about how our country is doomed. It all bristles me to be honest. But what I do hope is that we can all agree that no matter what, we do the best with what we have. And that both the self-righteous and bitter attitudes just take focus away from the work that still (and always) needs to be done. 🙂

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