2010: A Recap

As we embark another year with all the hopes and anticipations of what this year will bring. I can’t help but reflect on the year we just left and all we have been through… the great, the good, the bad and the ugly.

We ushered in the New Year with a cousin reunion. A concert and football game back-to-back left us with a packed night but lots of fun memories.  A moment of uncertainty hit our little family as we experienced yet another job loss, but before we had time to fret too much life turned around and Craig landed a fantastic job with a company that he had been trying to get on with for years. Craig jumped on an airplane for man’s weekend of fishing while the boy and I spent a weekend snowed in to a lake house with my oldest and dearest friends. We baptised our babe and spent a crazy weekend alone. I got smart and regained control of my life and emotions by removing the IUD that had left me a fragment of myself. Nothing like a hormone induced crazy fest to make you value your sanity.
Spring arrived and EJ moved from crawling to walking and grew a full head of hair overnight. I finally got to use my wedding flutes as we toasted to us and our day.  We celebrated Mother’s Day rocking out to Zac Brown, I turned a year older and so did Craig.  Craig finally got his hearts desire in a fishing canoe and we spent a relaxing long weekend with a favorite couple that lives way too far away. We celebrated our boy and his first birthday and then celebrated the fact we made it through our first year as parents in one piece with night away and some Phish. We watched my brother get married to an old friend and ushered in the fall full of Rocky Top Pride. Craig put his nose to ground and prepared for the GMAT and EJ became a total toddler.
As the fall ended and holidays began we spent some quality time on my parents farm and ate ourselves into many a food coma. A plus sign left us full of excitement as we realised that 2011 would bring us a new addition. Craig interviewed and got accepted into UGA MBA program and after a whirlwind Christmas family tour we heard our sweet new baby’s heart beat for the first time, fast and perfect.
The year concluded with a night of friends and food. There is nothing quite as special is finding other couples like you to share your time with and celebrate together.  This little family of ours is truly blessed. I look to 2011 with hope and faith that through the good and the bad we will continue to grow and continue to love each other more with each new day.



“I find that the more willing I am to be grateful for the small things in life, the bigger stuff  just seems to show up from unexpected sources, and I am constantly looking forward  to each day with all the surprises that keep coming my way!” ~ Louise L. Hay

As it turns out 2009 was an eventful year, one that had you had asked me what might be the shinning moment to come I would have told you that it was my hope that Craig would ask me to marry him that year and that I would start school to be a nurse. I had what I thought to be big hopes for 2009 and a whole lot of fear. Fear that Craig would drag his feet and that school would be harder than I could handle. Boy oh Boy did life have bigger plans for me and Craig.

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and our lives went from zero to 90 in a matter of minutes, I think we handle it was grace and took it in stride as we planned a wedding, had a baby, bought a house and got Craig a new and better job in matter of 9 months. It came with many stresses, a little heart ache but here we are today walking into a new year with new set hopes.

My hopes (resolutions) for the new year are to be happy every day, to love my husband better every day and be the best wife I can, to be the best mommy I can be to our greatest  surprise and to make our house our home, a place that we can come home to and find rest in the surroundings and each other.  I hope that Craig and I can get healthy again, to be in the best shape possible so when the time comes for us to add to our family my body is ready to bake a baby again.

I enjoy the clean slate we get with each new year and especially enjoy that I will never walk through a new year that I don’t think of Craig and the feelings I had that night when we met in a hotel ballroom, me sick and him overserved and the way my life changed when he decided to buy me a drink.