Momma Monday

What a week it has been with this little bit! It started off at with me up all night last Sunday night with a massive bladder infection. By 8am I was having flashbacks to the early part of my pregnancy with Jack and was on the phone with multiple doctors the minute the boys walked into school. I was not ending up in the hospital with a kidney infection again. My urologist is too popular for her own good and per usual I couldn’t get in until later in the week. Thank goodness my OB office is awesome and I was in by 11 and at the pharmacy with a plan by noon. I spent the rest of week not feeling great but powered through.

Craig and I decided to go to local ultrasound place and pay for a gender reveal a few weeks ago. After the perinatologist told us that he believed this baby  was a girl we just weren’t really willing to potentially wait another 2 months. My kidney issue is a birth defect that they can theoretically catch while in utero so we always wait until at least 20 weeks to do the anatomy scan so they can really see how things are developing and with Jack we waited until 22 weeks. We made the appointment for Saturday morning and really did not tell many. And would you believe it????


Yes, we are positive. She put up a fight but the ultrasound tech said she was not miscalling this one and she spent forever looking. She had me moving all over the table. I have never been so thrilled have someone point out girl bits to me in my life. Needless to say we are so excited to be adding a daughter to our crew. And yes, I already went shopping for pink. Poor Jack just lost the top of his closest. EJ told me the Monday before I was I discovered I was pregnant that I was going to give him a baby sister. And once we told him that Mommy was going to have another baby he has been unwavering about it being a girl. So I guess we should have just listened to him.

Leighton Annabelle Holman will join our family late winter. Little girl is going to be one lucky lady to have 2 older brother watching out for her and God help anyone she decides to date.

How far along? 16 weeks

Total weight gain/loss? up 5 lbs, lovely. Those are all crackers which keep me from paying homage to the porcelain gods.

Maternity clothes?  Yep. Its not that my regular clothes don’t fit because most do. I have just found maternity to give my expanding hips the extra space needed to be uncomfortable.

Stretch marks? YES on my hip. Little girl is being carried totally differently at this point. All wide which isn’t helpful for my poor skin. Its now lotion twice a day to try to limit the damage.

Sleep?  decent.

Best moment last week? FINDING OUT THAT SHE IS A GIRL

Movement?  At this point, I could really feel Jack so I worried that at times that something was wrong. But, she is just much calmer in utero baby. Every ultra sound she has been all snug just chilling. So I am guessing my insides may get a break from the constant flips and karate chops that I endured with her brothers.

Food cravings?  Really nothing. Simply not hungry which isn’t really helpful.

Gender? GIRL

Labor signs? None thank god

Belly button in/out? In. It has yet to pop in a pregnancy so I am guessing it will stay in this time too.

What I miss: still miss my WINE and wanting to workout. Making a human is hard work on its own.

What I am looking forward to: Anatomy scan. Kidney complications are at higher risk since she is a girl and tends to be past down from female to female.

Milestones: Just keeping my eyes to the magic 24 week viability mark.


Baby Bump

I love fashion. As a child I would not wear pants and changed my clothes a million times a day. God Bless my mother for tolerating it. That was a whole lot of laundry and ironing I accumulated for her.

This love has carried me through my adolescent years and into adulthood. I loved dressing the part. Whether I was walking the halls of the US Capitol or attending a state fair. I perfectly planned most everything I wore.

My first pregnancy was a mix of emotions and that love for dressing went by the way side. I just didn’t care. I finally got it together right before his birth and bought a few staple items that were pretty expensive considering I was about to give birth. But, those few purchases were the best thing I ever did because I learned a major lesson. Spend the money on staples. They fit right and you will most likely wear them all the time.

Fast forward to my second pregnancy I knew better. I spent the money from the start on a few nice items and that combined with my few from my first left me with an awesome wardrobe. Let’s be honest most of your pregnancy you do not feel great physically. And if you feel like crude in your clothes then it makes for a miserable few months.

Baby #3 is baking away and considering it is my 3rd pregnancy my body is jumping right back to form in record time. The first when are due comment from a perfect stranger came at 10 weeks. My regular clothes are packed away and the pregnancy wardrobe is shaping back up. This time I am sharing my thoughts on good staples and pretty clothes for those of us with a growing midsection. And together we can all rock the bump!

10 weeks baby #3

Target Liz Lange Maternity Black Maxi Dress