5 months old!

Can you believe it? EJ is 22 weeks and officially 5 months old. Its amazing how big is getting.

Some of things he is doing now are…

Almost conquered sitting up
scooting and trying very hard to crawl
we eat an array of goodies twice a day with sweet potatoes being our favorite
he loves to jump in the jumperoo
and teeth, we are teething like crazy but none have broken through just yet.

Officially Members at Peachtree Pres.

Today Craig and I made it official and joined peachtree presbyterian. Its part of the same group of churches as the church I grew up and all of Craig’s family are members there. We both felt that with this new chapter in our lives that it was important that we start going to church again. So we did and little EJ was amazing and slept the whole time. I plan to take him to the nursery so he can make some friends but we wanted to show him off today. Check out the little man in his adorable church outfit. Dad thinks he looks like a fairy but us Southerns know that he looks adorable!

And Momma is raising a southern boy and hopefully his blood runs orange!!

Let the teething begin…

My poor little man has been waterworks for the last month, we have to leave a bib on him all the time and we change clothes constantly because he soaks through them both. I knew stuff must have been moving around because you chewed on everything. But today I felt the first tooth when you chewed on my hand. Ouch… I cant imagine what it feels like for you little guy. So I broke out the mesh food holder and froze some bananas and as the pictures show you throughly enjoyed it.

The mystery of the BLUE poop… SOLVED!

I have been pretty stuck on making my own baby food since I found I was pregnant, every mom has that one thing that they are weird about and food seems to be mine. I want to teach good eating habits and give him the best food possible for his adorable little body. As I started introducing foods I have been very good about doing only one thing new a day and watching for any signs of allergies etc. The very first fruit/veggie I gave was a banana all smashed up and he loved it. But after a few days of stringy banana spit up I decided that I might stuff it up and give him gerber bananas and they didnt turn brown in a few minutes another mom gross issue. Well not thinking they would be any different from the other bananas I just gave it to him and went on my merry way until the blue poop surfaced. It only took a few days of me just thinking what might have been the issue until I that little voice in my head said the Gerber baby food. Sure enough 24 hrs after the last meal with Gerber bananas and we have normal poop again. So lesson for mom is there may be a reason why you were always weird about baby food. Who knows but lesson for me is listen to your instincts.

The mystery of the BLUE poop…

Yes, EJ has grey blue poop. Can you believe it, trust me when I saw it the first time I was shocked and totally grossed out and very worried. So what does any mom do??? Grab the diaper put in a plastic bag and run to the doctor. And guess what the dr laughed and asked if he might have eaten a crayon… nope no crayons here. And then she checked for blood, none THANK GOD and then she laughed again. And I quote if he was not so happy and in such a great mood I might be concerned but he appears healthy lets give it a few days and see what happens. Cause guess what she has never seen poop that color. Great ej just great.

And the dr told me he was too skinny, actually needs to be about 3 lbs heavier so ej got the best news of his life. Rice cereal every 3 hrs when awake, I swear he’s already heavier. I maintain he just inherited his uncles and cousins crazy absurd metabolism. Regardless he’s loving the drs orders!

Monkey Business!!

Craig loves halloween, and well I kinda don’t. The whole idea of dressing up in some silly costume and parading around town is not overly appealing to me at all. BUT my sweet husband loves it alot so for him I am all over it. I decked the house out in halloween goods and next yr will even plan a family costume with him. I promise but this year we ended up with an adorable little monkey. Costumes didn’t really fit our love bug cause he is just so long and so skinny!! But momma found one that fit and he was soo cute!