In case our life wasn’t interesting enough….

Our cute little street has taken a turn for the worst the last few months and last Friday it hit ROCK BOTTOM. Craig and I had always thought that the house next door to us was rather odd but a few months ago our suspicions were confirmed. Atlanta had a few days of mega wind storms and all of Buckhead was covered in fallen trees. We were not except as 2 large trees fell in our back yard. No major damage to our little rental but one of the trees took out a large portion of our neighbors roof. I mean a huge gaping hole. We guess what the hole is still there, I am not kidding, roof caving in but someone took the time to mow the grass… odd does not even begin to explain it. Not to mention no one is ever there, lights come on a strange hours and there are 3 cars that never move. WEIRD…

So when LA’s prego brain forgot to get her tag renewed, poor Craig got pulled over on his way to his last day at his old job. OPPS, sorry baby!! FYI for anyone who doesn’t know, there is one thing that I hate more in this world and that is dealing with anything car related. I drive on fumes so I don’t have to go the gas station and have risked damage to my car because I would rather not get an oil change, I absolutely with out a doubt hate it more than anything. But, while talking to the cop Craig mentioned the strange house on our street. Well sure enough we get a wake up call on Friday from a detective and they wanted more info. Next thing we know they are staking out the house in our driveway. Hello do we live in the ghetto???

Between our drug trafficking neighbors and the boarded up houses on our street I am so ready to move. I hate being alone here! Anyway on a happier note… we are getting closer to baby EJ… I am 2 cms dilated and 50% effaced!!! YAYAYAYAY! Now if we would only put his mother out of her misery and come on out!

Officially Over It

I will openly admit that I am not a huge fan of pregnancy, I found zero enjoyment with my new found chubby self and not feeling great. Not to mention I am suffering from some serious allergy attacks, everytime I think I have finally gotten better, I wake up with some sinus pain.

And then my blood pressure sky rocketed. I am one of those people who bp sits at a very low 90s/60s, you have no idea how many nurses have taken my pressure many times before they believed it was really that low and they weren’t messing up. So when my bp creaped to 139/88, it affected my entire body. I am currently walking around with a terrible headache and am light headed all the time. So when I hit the safe period where EJ is perfectly healthy to deliver at any pt from here on out, I found myself buying into all the wives tales to get this labor going. Tried the world famous eggplant parmigon, still have about 12 hrs in the window but I am not sure it did the trick. I am now attempting the papaya juice, we shall see. If you live in Atlanta you may find me walking Chastain over and over again. Everyone say a prayer something works, I would really like to make it to labor naturally… not going to lie induction scares me and if my bp doesn’t chill out we are going to have to induce. Thanks to my single kidney body. Come on EJ we all want to meet you!!!

Holmans are Homeowners

What a crazy month! After looking just to see what was out there the last month or so, Craig and I found a perfect house for a perfect price in a perfect neighborhood! I was opposed to moving right now with a baby on the way any day now but after some sketchy activity with the neighboring houses lately I am more than happy to break out the boxes again and move.
As much as I love our little abode our first place together, the memories will have to do it.

If you want to tour the new digs here’s a link to the virtual tour… get excited we close on July 10th and should be ready for visitors by August!

37 weeks… only 3 to go!

Not too much to report I am about 40% effaced and no dilation just yet. Of course the doctor said that didn’t matter it could change overnight. We shall see, nightly walks in hope of speeding along the process. Since Craig is changing jobs he has a nice 10 day window that he will be home so it would be really nice for EJ to join us then so Dad can start work and train without missing a few days the first or second week. Ha! I am sure EJ will mind us. The only concern at this point is my blood pressure is way up but I have gotten a blood pressure cuff and am suppose to take it twice a day if it gets over 140/90 then I am suppose to call. We were close today with a reading of 130/88. We will all cross our fingers that it fixes itself.

I promise to take one final belly shot this week for all who want to see. Let me tell you I am swollen, its so fun and not cute but I am sure EJ would like to know what he looked like in the belly one day.


Today Craig got offered a fantastic job at the Home Depot, can’t get much better than that in Atlanta… plus what male doesnt want to work for the largest hardware store in the world!

I am so proud of you baby, not to mention so happy for you to be back doing what you love.