A Fall Plan

This morning I loaded the boys into car bright and early to head to our local doughnut shop. Some old friends were in town visiting and we just couldn’t bid them farewell without sharing a little Sublime doughnuts. As soon as the garage door opened I noticed a familiar scent and chill floating through the air. Fall is on its way. We aren’t there yet but its brewing and starting remind us that she is indeed headed our way.

I love the change of seasons. Just when you have your fill of heat or cold suddenly the hint of a new beginning starts to show. This fall marks the graduation from Mother’s Day Out to Preschool for EJ. He has an actual curriculum and will be exposed to much more than the structured play of the past. I could not be more excited for him. He is ready for the stimulation and as much as packing him a lunch daily and dropping in the carpool line makes me a little sad I know its time and he will love it.

This fall I have a bucket list for our family. With Craig in the midst of grad school and me pregnant, I know we have to be deliberate about our family time or just may pass us by. Too often we find ourselves slipping into the our own world on the weekend; napping, playing on the internet and not doing much of anything at all. There is a time for that but I know we want to make memories and always feel guilty when those weekends are happening all too often.

I ran across this on Pineterest and loved it. Its perfect way to guide our weekends this year and make sure that we have time to make some great memories as a family. We will also add going to the fair and going to a football game to the mix because you just can’t have fall with fairs and football.


Our list

Yesterday afternoon baby boy and I walked outside. After a day of cleaning, laundry and indoor living I decided that the afternoon rain may have cooled the world down just enough to enjoy some time on our swing set.

As we walked outside I took a deep breathe of fresh air and as I exhaled I noticed something. I noticed the faint smell of fall in the air.  Inhaling again just to make sure, I realized that Fall was indeed in the air. Yes, it is still very warm outside but the days are becoming slightly shorter and the evenings just a bit brisker. All signs that Fall is indeed on it’s way.

Fall is truly one of my favorite seasons. Fall means football, pumpkins, apple cider and so much more.  In anticipation of this new season I have made us a bucket list for the fall. Just a few dreams and plans for us to fill our weekends with as we enjoy eat other and a new season.

Our Fall

~ Pick pumpkins at a real pumpkin patch
~ Take EJ on his first hayride
~ Get professional family photos outside
~ Host a tailgate party with some of our closest friends
~ Introduce EJ to our favorite sport, football
~ Make homemade s’mores on our fire pit
~ Carve pumpkins together as a family
~ Make a Homemade Pumpkin Cake
~ Take EJ trick or treating

Here’s a flashback to Fall 2009 

What are your plans for Fall 2010?