Let’s try this again…

I was planning on shutting this space down because time is not something we have a lot of. But, the thing is I enjoy it. So I am back…. for today.

We finally made the exodus to suburbia. We were snobs when we bought our former house. There is no doubt about it. At that time we would have never lived outside of the city period. Then we got our first tax bill which had doubled in a year and we learned a very grown up lesson. Living in the city came at a price. Over the next few years we added 2 more kids to our family and our neighborhood became a hot spot for filming. Traffic was ridiculous and we were busting at the seams. We had it and responded with not just moved to the burbs but as far out as we could go. I will be real honest. I wondered if we would like it and if we would fit in. Both of us like city life, its been the way of life for  the last 10 years.

We are 2 months in and I can not believe we thought life was better down the road.

Our house is beautiful with a huge yard for our kids to run around in. There is a symphony of frogs with the glitter of lightening bugs in the evenings. I never hear a horn honk and life is easier, slower. That hustle and bustle I thought I thrived on is of the past. Things are calmer and we are so much happier. It suits us. We fit.


This is the road I take every day. Far beats West Paces Ferry any day of the week.





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