Manic Meal Planning

So I am finally back to somewhat of myself, as much of oneself as you can get while pregnant. Which means trying to get us all back on track with healthy living. We need to retire the almost daily fast food and takeout asap. It is just not good for us and makes me oh so guilty.
And the best way I have found for us to stay on track and not have the 4pm meltdown of “ugh what’s for dinner” is to meal plan.
I have noticed a lot of other bloggers listing out their weekly menus and I have to say I love it. It is so easy to get into a rut of eating the same foods all the time and I like variety and so does my husband.

This week’s menu is as follows
Monday- Tacos and Homemade Salsa
Tuesday- Roasted Turkey Breast, Red Potatoes, & Green Beans
Wednesday- Vodka Pasta with Chicken
Thursday- Pork Chops with Zucchini, Yellow Squash and Onions
Friday- Homemade Chicken Pesto Pizza

I was able to rock it at the grocery and stock us with everything and tons of fruit, snacks and breakfast goods for 88 bucks. I was way impressed with my shopping and couponing this week. Our healthy living has really upped our grocery bill but its important to me so its worth it. What are y’all making this week? Anything good that I want to try for next week?


The evolving role of Mom

It’s no secret that I am doing exactly what I was made for. I am good at this job of mine. You know the job where I manage a husband, a toddler, and a house. I can stick to a budget with the best of them. I can sniff out a bargain on just about anything. I am creative and organized and very clean. And most days I wake up very happy to yet another day doing what I love for the people I love the most.
Not to say I wasn’t a great at my profession. I am good event planner. I can create it, organize it and implement it and some days I miss the face paced world of suits, flowers, and tablecloths. I laugh to myself as I reflect on days not too long ago where while in a suit and heels I stopped traffic in Downtown Atlanta so I could get my chartered buses lined up for a shuttle. I used to thrive on clipboards, spreadsheets and budgets. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely do not miss the hours and crazy clients. I do not miss that my only free time ever was before 10am on even given day and the special day of others always took precedent to any plans I ever formed.
I get asked often if I will ever go back to it or some other profession. I find it funny that this day in age it is just assumed that once school starts our job at home is done. I, personally, do not feel that way at all.
Once school starts managing life is a priority. Suddenly, we are juggling school, homework, extracurricular activities and emotionally supporting the needs of an entire busy family. The availability of Mom to handle all kinds of new roles to me seems to be an asset. Whether it is running carpool, errands for the weeks needs and making sure healthy food is readily available for hungry busy kids I feel like a Mom’s work is not done.
Just because the bottles have been retired, diapers have been replaced with underwear and babies are nothing more than a memory it doesn’t mean Mom is any less important. I admire working moms, I honestly think I would loose my cookies if I was one. We would certainly live on takeout with dirty clothes in squalor if I tried to juggle all those responsibilities but I do feel like as society we need to back off the pressure of stay at home moms. I spend a lot of time justifying why I am just not sure that in 5 years I will restart my career. Of course, if its a financial issue I will do it in a heartbeat but if we can afford to not I am not sure I will. I pretty sure I would be more useful being a room mom, a chauffeur and making sure that if my kids want to do something that logistics will not be the reason we do not do something. Am I the only who feels this way?


Seriously where has the time gone? Today, I awoke to a knock on the door and a faint “Momma”  Yes, our little boy not only sleeps soundly in a full size bed he now has figured out how to get himself out of bed, open his door and go get his parents. He is such a big boy and it is so hard for me to believe that this was him this time last year.

Now he looks like this… 

When did he grow up and how do I make it stop?

Nursery Ideas

Little Jack’s Nursey has been my focus since Sunday. I had already gathered and planned a perfectly girly shabby chique nursery since I was postive Jack was actually Amelia. Well, as usual my perfectly laid plans were wrong and I suddenly realized that I needed to get my head on straight and manly. I had major issues while pregnant with EJ. I felt most nursery decore was not manly but baby blue girly. And my little boy will have an all boy nursery. We have decided to do a woodlands theme with a focus on bears. The walls will be painted a green. I am thinking this shade.

 We will use EJ’s crib because its a manly crib that Craig loves and I hate. I am holding out hope round three will bring a pink and I can buy that beautiful iron crib I have been lusting over for years. So for now we will use lovely item.

I found this crib set on Etsy and not only is she going to make it for me she promised to sell me some fabric to make valences and pillow covers for my window seats.

I am going to order this and frame it for over his bed.
I am thinking a minky slipcover for the most comfortable rocky chair ever and finding an awesome fluffy orange shag rug for the floor.
Of course, we will have the usual things that I gather here and there and buy the boy his fair share of bears. EJ was elephants and man that kid has a ton. I think this a good jumping off point though, don’t you? What do you think?
My goal is that come May 19th, my birthday, the room will 100% completed. That means I can spend June celebrating my boys and their special days and the month of July floating, relaxing and waiting not so patiently for August 3rd to arrive.
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16 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 16 weeks
Size of Baby: The Wee One is the size of a avacado
Maternity Clothes: Yes, in that I am in all my “maternity” clothes from EJ which was a lot of reg. clothes in bigger sizes.
Gender: BOY… Jack!
Movement: starting to feel him pretty regularly, he proving to be just as active as his brother was
Sleep: Improving
What I Miss: Having the energy to make it through a busy day without a break
Cravings: doughnuts
Symptoms: The nerve pain is back, which means if I get on the floor I can’t get up without help
Best Moment of the Week: Nausea has finally chilled out and I feel much better most days!

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Have you heard yet?

The wee one is actually a BOY. I know, right?!?! Could I have any 2 more different pregnancies? My guess this one is going to be a little bugger and we better what out:)

Craig is estatic and I am slightly petrified by the thought of having 2 crazy little boys. My dreams of tea parties, reading books, ballet and such are tabled for now as we prepare for our little Jackson Robert “Jack”.

Cute little boy who has profile similar to his big brother.

Showing off his good for us, after putting up quite a fight. It took almost 8 minutes to get him to uncross his legs.

I will say right now that this little boy will get his own little world of stuff. I have issues with making the 2nd child be the hand me down king. It’s not their fault they were 2nd so I have to head back to the drawing board and get to working on masculine nursery for the next son. However, as much as I hate our crib (thank you husband who bought it without me there) its a boy crib so that may be his hand me down… the furniture. Especially since we have decided that EJ and Jack will be getting bunk beds in a few years and will share a room for awhile. And as far as clothes go EJ destroyed half of his clothes anyway with his projectile spit-up and mess ways. Good thing we have a Carter’s store nearby, its their fantastic sales make this little Mommy quirk of mine be a reality.

Already Loved

We haven’t gotten far enough along to learn the gender but this little one is already getting showered with love. My parents have been great and have already helped us get started on all the goodies we will need for our new bundle of joy. EJ thinks the new double stroller is great. And Momma’s you should see this stroller… it folds in half FLAT. I have the single and it is pretty amazing. After “test” driving all the doubles out there I decided that it is the best single and double stroller on the market hands down.  I can not get into the ones that stack. I know some of ya’ll love them but I can’t get over the proximity to the floor. It’s just me I am sure. Then we even got some clothes, a beautiful hand crafted day gown, the softest blanket in the world and some cute pjs. Oh sweet baby of mine, I can not wait to find out if you are a boy or a girl. I am chomping at the bit to get this nursery going.

Who needs a sibling when there is Elmo?
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14 weeks

I swore that I would never ever do belly shots, but with so many family and friends so far away I decided to do it this time. I know how much I enjoy seeing my friends grow from a far so here I am belly and all.

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 14 weeks
Size of Baby: The Wee One is the size of a peach
Maternity Clothes: Yep, its amazing how quickly you show the 2nd time around
Gender: 2 weeks to go!
Movement: the occasional thump…flipping over I assume from our few ultrasounds this child wiggles
Sleep: Awful.
What I Miss: A day without nausea
Cravings: salsa and ice cream
Symptoms: NAUSEA and a total lack of energy
Best Moment of the Week: Laying on the couch and feeling the baby move a few times.

The New Year Card

By now the cards should have arrived to most, our poor northern friends may be delayed due to Snowmagaden 2011.
In lue of the traditional Christmas Card, we have started a new tradition in our family. New Year’s means a lot to Craig and I because its the night we met. It will forever be a special time for our family and the New Year’s Card is a great way to honor that.
It was suppose to go out a tad bit earlier than it did but life, health and new babies got in the way. I hope everyone enjoyed our year in review.

Year In Pictures New Year’s Card
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