A Saturday Drive

We woke up per usual to little feet pitter pattering around his room waiting for someone to come get him. With the standard sigh as I pulled myself from our comfortable bed, I went to rescue my boy. A soft cry for “Momma” as he heard my door open… and it begin just it like it does most days. Except this day, Momma packed a bag for just one and after a delicious breakfast of doughnuts and chocolate milk we pilled in the car to drive 3 hrs to meet his MiMi and CorCor.

We pulled in at the exact same time and out jumped my parents eager to see their boy. I watched as his eyes immediately lit up. All through lunch Mom and Dad were ignored as he enjoyed to attention that only grandparents can give. As we left he grabbed my mom’s hand and off he gladly went to their car. Without even the slightest glance or apprehension, he climbed in and waved “byebye”.

I leaned in and he planted a big kiss on both me and his Dad and he was ready to go. Perhaps it was the promise of dirt, tractors, dogs and lots of boy fun or just the love he has for his grandparents. All I know, the one left sad to part was me and only me.

I am so proud of the little boy I am raising. I love his independence and joy for life. I have always preached the importance of independence and security and for me I know we are doing our job when he can leave us without a tear. I know he knows that Mom and Dad are just a phone call away and we always come back. Chances are we are missed in the moments where only Mom can make it better and when Dad plays just the right way but overall he is happy and content being apart. Absences does make the heart grow fonder and for his Dad and I this a great way to spend some quality time together and reconnect. Our marriage is our children’s greatest gift and its up to us make sure we honor it and nourish it. Not to mention the baby boy rapidly growing in my belly. I need to make sure that we are ready for his arrival as his brother.

As we drove away and sadness crept through my heart, I remembered that before I knew we would back on the same road driving back to meet our boy both rested and rejuvenated. Something that I believe is good for the soul and the family.


Wordless Wednesday

30 weeks down, 9 to go! 
Please excuse the crazy eyes. I just noticed them. 
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The to do list

Welcome 30 weeks. Welcome said conversation with Dr. planning Jack’s arrival aka if he chooses stay baking we will force him on this day.
I have a time frame now and work well with time frames and deadlines. So in that spirit here is my list of what I would love to happen in the next 9 weeks.

1. Finish EJ’s first year book. Its mostly done sitting in virtual land but I need to complete it. AND send it to the printer. I have decided that each child because we plan to have a few will get their very own book and hopefully a DVD of the their first year of life. After that we are doing family year books for everyone. At the end of each year hopefully I can get the highlights down and in book. We shall see. Its the plan for now.

2. Figure out what in the world I want to put on Jack’s walls. As in there is not a.single.thing. hanging on the wall. He needs his name somewhere and few prints.

3. Clean out all closets and get the junk to GOODWILL. I really hope and pray we get the awesome call from our Realtor informing us that a contract is coming on our house. And when we move I want it to be easy because one of two things is going to happen, I will either be very pregnant or have a newborn and a toddler. Both scenarios need some ease so if there is no junk to worry about then just about anyone can pack.

4. We need to actually purchase the infant seat we picked out for Jack and find him a dresser!

5. I need to buy diapers, wipes, dreft, pacifiers, new nipples, formula, nursing tanks, and breast feeding gear.

6. Oh the pulling out and organizing that needs to be done, there is a lots of that that needs to be happening. Then there’s sanitizing things and doing lots of newborn laundry with the overpriced but oh so lovely smelling dreft.

I am slightly shocked that I have only come up with 6 items. I am confident there is more to be added.

So here you go cyberspace, my to do list published for all to see. Hopefully this is a good way for me to make sure it happens.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I mean could this child be anymore of a boy? Note the food all over the face and clothes holding a truck in the middle of the sand. Lets just say we left with him kicking and screaming, he was in heaven. 

Lately life has been slightly busy. I feel it just comes with the territory in the spring and summer. Something about beautiful weather makes everyone come out of hibernation and things can get hectic.

We changed relators and got ourselves quite the go-getter. I have faith that he plans to get our house sold which would make us very happy. This past weekend we finally narrowed down an area to focus on. For the last 9 months, we have tossed around ideas about what area to head to and finally we figured it out. It’s a beautiful area that feels like its smack dab in the country even though its not and has a very small town feel. Craig and I felt quite at home, so hopefully this means our house will sell. Only time will tell and until then all we can do is say a prayer and hope for the best. Something that my impatient pregnancy hormones have issues with at times.

Jack is growing like a weed. I am measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule and he is head down already. My dr made my month today when he told me that he would let me schedule an induction for late July should he not come earlier so that we can plan for it. I have this major fear of a super fast delivery. EJ was less than 8 hrs and I was induced. I am not interested natural childbirth one bit. I have heard one too many people inform me that their second went so fast that there was no time for drugs and that is not ok with me. Needless to say I have basically been praying for an induction the whole time. The planner in me loves it. I can get everything in order and when I go to the hospital I know I am leaving with a baby. It’s good for my soul and I could have kissed the dr he when he said that would be no issue at all. So let the countdown begin we have roughly 9 weeks to go!

Craig spoiled this Momma and got me an the Imac that I have been drooling over for years for my birthday. Its big, its beautiful and its has a full creative suite. I can do all my designing, edit all my pictures and keep all my sewing files in order. Needless to say I feel pretty lucky to married to a man who takes such great care of me.  Or a man who wants me to get off his laptop since it has all the programs I like to play with.

I got EJ his very own Vineyard Vines bathing suit and I am so in love with it. Both my boy’s sport them. All I can say is I have very adorable little family.

This past weekend we took the little man swimming and lets just say he is taking after his parents and their love for water. These photos are totally raw and am I working on learning how to handle the Manual function so please excuse them they are a work in progress.


Yesterday was my birthday. A big one some might say as it ushered in the last year of my roaring 20’s. Honestly, at this point I have no issues turning 30. I took the stereotype seriously and had a pretty major internal freak out for my quarter life crisis aka 25. Turning 30 at this point doesn’t seem to be such a big deal. Ask me again in 364 days, who know I may feel different.

Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family surrounded with much celebration. I have fond memories of great birthday parties, trips to exotic places and basically just being surround by lots of love. I never felt alone and boy have I some great memories. Ever since entering my mid to late 20’s birthdays have been rather bland and some, well not so great. A few years ago when the husband and I were still dating he had a bit of freak out and my brother went into cardiac arrest in Cambodia while on a family trip with my mother, aunt and grandparents. Its OK, I married that boy who scared me and made me cry that night at dinner and my brother proved not to have some rare heart disease but instead a drug addiction. I, also, have a habit of being very pregnant over my birthday which means I am uncomfortable wanting my body back and some what of an emotional mess. I cry for no reason and maintain a state of general pissed offness. Hormones are the pitts that is for sure.

All that to say that I have about decided that birthdays are more for kids. Us, adults, well its just another day that we turn a year older. There is nothing magical about it and as much as try I can’t remember a birthday in recent years where I did not cry at least once. I seem to think more of my mother and what this day must mean to her. June 29 is more special to me than my own birthday now. It’s the day I became a mother and discovered just how amazing motherhood is. It is the day that we welcomed our own special child into this world and for me I know I will carry on my family tradition of making that day as special as I can for as long as can for my little boy. I am guessing whatever day Jack decides to enter the world will also get filed away as top day to me. Yes, its the day they were born but its the day that Momma birthed them here and met the little guys that I carried with me for so long. And to me that is a pretty darn special day.

The whole truth

Mondays in the blogging world, at least the Mom blogging world, mean one thing weight loss posts. Honestly, it’s an awesome way to look for ideas and find support while weeding through the reality that we are no longer teenagers that can eat whatever we please without gaining a pound.
Lately, I have been tuning out of Monday’s post because I am pregnant and dieting while pregnant is not really allowed or a good idea. But, today I am going to be honest. I am so discouraged with the weight gain this time around. I look in the mirror and want to scream and cry. Swollen face and hands, legs mascaraing as tree trunks and let’s not even discuss the behind that is growing. It.is.not.me.at.all.
I have tried to do it right and lay off the nasty fatty food and be aware of what I am putting in my mouth but y’all it has flat out not worked. I gained a whopping 10lbs in 7 weeks, yep that right 20 lbs prior to me walking into my 3rd trimester (yay Wednesday!). The nurse gave me the side eye and mentioned it more than once. Yes, I did hear  you clearly the first time now kindly shut up before I preggo rage your skinny butt to the wall.
I walked out of the office committed to being very careful, very, for the remainder of the pregnancy. Can we just say that is backfired in a big way as I have hit the ravishing hunger stage of pregnancy. The “there is not enough food in the world to help” this hunger. And me watching food went out the window and front door because when I am that hungry I am a mean pregnant lady. And honestly that is not saying much because I am historically an angry preggo. It’s just the way it is. My pissed off demeanor is just a fact of life for most of the 10 months. Throw the hunger card into it and watch out world. I am not happy at all.
So basically this a plea for help. Momma’s what did you do to keep the weight in check and not walk around hungry? Do you have trick for handling it all or what did you not do that given a chance for a redo you change?
And go ahead and plan that come August, I will vomiting all over the interwebs my quest to actually look better in my 30’s than in my 20’s.

A Mother’s Day Challenge

As yet another year races by I find myself faced with my 3rd Mother’s Day. I have mixed emotions about Mother’s Day much like Valentine’s Day I find the day to be more a marketing ploy than anything. Mothers & Fathers alike have big, hard jobs and they should be honored for it but I think it should be a daily thing not a once a year I will stop and say your great.
In all honesty the year it meant the most to me was a year that some claimed was not mine to celebrate. I was carrying him in my belly instead of holding my baby boy in arms and some felt that I had not earned my mom card yet. I was just about full term and pretty miserable thanks to high blood pressure and irregular contractions. I will probably be myphed for the rest of my life for those comments because there is no harder job than baking a baby. In my mind your a mother the minute the + sign appears, end of story.
So this Mother’s day, I challenge you to look to the pregnant women in your life and stop for a moment and give them some love. Stop yourself from sharing battle stories, imparting advice or telling them to enjoy the peace now because all hell is about to break lose just say congratulations you are about to get the best gift in the world. Because really, they are and the rest of it is just a mix of good and bad days. And the good make the bad more than worth it because they are your kids. A living, breathing reminder of your love for your partner. Proof that even with all the bad in the world, there still is good.

26.5 weeks

It’s gotten to point that my belly isn’t the only thing showing. It’s official my face as joined the preggo club which means I am back to avoiding mirrors. Yuck, I hate it when my face swells. But things here are moving along. Monday is the lovely glucose test blergh.

But here’s the belly in all it’s glory!

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