Can’t wait until I like running again….

Dear running shoes-

Our days together are numbered as you hurt my feet now.  As if these boats called feet weren’t big enough to begin with they had to grow half a size while we were baking EJ.
Our first date ended with a heavy chest, sore legs and arms (thanks to pushing EJ) and blisters on my toes. My only motivation to keep running was the spare tire that you were supporting. 

Our time together was great but I’m trading you in for a bigger model.


Isn’t pregnancy fun?

Seriously… growing

We must be having a growth spurt or two or three. To sum up the last few days have revolved around eating, the I will suck every drop out of this bottle even if it means I getting mostly air type of eating, sleeping and then screaming frustrations out at mom, toys and my new favorite the dogs.

Yesterday’s marathon of unconsolable screaming of 3 hrs ended with the most hyterical “picture” ever. Sadly mom was way too worn and stressed out to dig the camera out to actually take the picture. Imagine a red faced EJ sound asleep, holding the pacifer to his mouth with his teething ring/rattle placed IN THE MIDDLE of his face.  Of course he promptly straightened up to his flirty self to show off to his grandparents at dinner out. I can’t decide if I am happy he behaved in public or mad that he saves his out bursts to moments at home when mom needs to clean.